It’s Star Wars Half Marathon Week!


So, this past weekend was the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. As I watched so many running friends run their race(s), I couldn’t help but be taken back to this event two years ago as I ran my very first full marathon. Ah, the memories. As fun as it was to follow along on social media, I still had my own work to do.


So, after surviving the Holidays with only missing one gym workout and ending one run short, this first week after the holidays, I started off by a miss. I didn’t run on Tuesday. Sleep is very important and when you don’t get it, you can get really messed up. That’s my story for the week. I had an awful night sleep on Monday, leaving me feeling completely miserable on Tuesday. So much that I took a sick day.

On Wednesday, I needed to make up for it. Unfortunately, we got lots of rain this week. Wednesday it rained a good portion of the day. Even though it wasn’t raining on my way home from work, I decided not risk getting sick and headed to the gym for 3 miles on the treadmill. It’s been a while since I did time on the ‘mill. I still struggle to find the right mix of pacing for my run intervals and walk intervals to get a time similar to what I do outside. I started off with running 30 seconds at 6.0mph. Then, I’d walk 60 seconds at 4.0mph. As the mile progressed, I realized that this combination was going to leave me with close to a 13 minute mile. So, the last quarter mile, I switched to run 45 seconds at 6.0mph, walk 45 seconds at 4.0mph. It seemed to work much better with my time. I think this combination would give me a 12 minute mile. The nice thing about treadmills is that it keeps you consistent. The harder part is that, by the end, the consistency is felt.


I ended up finishing just under 36 minutes for 3 miles. I ended up altering the last run and walk intervals to get there. However, I felt great at the end of the run. It was great to have a decent time and that I didn’t let the rain become an excuse.


Another bad night of sleep on Wednesday killed my Thursday run. So, there was only one mid-week run this week. On Saturday, I headed out to the Rose Bowl for 6 miles. The plan was to run 30 seconds, walk 60 seconds to see how it would go. Saturday was a pretty cold day for us Southern Californians.


So, I opted to run in compression socks. I’ve only run in compression socks once before. I knew it was a risk. However, I had a run where I could do such things. This run started off rough. It didn’t take long before I had some pain in my lower left leg (right below the shins). At the start of the second mile, I was in enough pain that I had to stop for a few seconds. Now, mile 1 was slower than the last time ran the bowl. That bummed me out a little bit. However, this pain was what was bothering me. I wondered if the compression socks was the problem. As I continued on, I started thinking about quitting at the end of mile 3. The running wasn’t the problem. It was the walk breaks. They were pretty painful. So, my walking was slower than normal. At around 2.6 miles, I stopped again and started trying to figure out what was going on.


As I thought about it, I realized that there was one of two possibilities. Either running in compression socks just isn’t for me. Or, my running shoes had run their course and it was time for new shoes. I decided to walk for a few minutes to see if there was any relief. There was. As I walked, I decided to switch to a run 30 seconds, walk 90 seconds to see how that went. As I made my way towards the end of mile 3, this run/walk ratio was working. I felt much better. So, I decided to finish all 6 miles.

Mile 4 was predictably slow. First, it was the uphill mile. Second, I was now walking 30 seconds longer on my walk breaks. Even though I was bummed at how my time was going, I was happy with how that mile felt. I had found a way to finish all 6 miles and could be happy with that. This wasn’t my best run. However, it wasn’t because I was feeling particularly tired. So, there was that. Miles 5 and 6 were my third and second fastest miles of the day! So, there was that. I ended up at 1 hour 17 minutes even (my Disneyland 10K time!). Here are the splits…

010916 Splits

By the way…when I got home, I calculated the miles I’ve put in my current shoes. The total??? 400 miles. I think it was the shoes. It’s not awesome to have to break in new shoes on a race week. But, I’ll give it a go and see how they feel. I can always use the old shoes on race weekend if I need to.

Star Wars Half Marathon Countdown 5 Days

By the way, on Saturday, runDisney began tweeting out the countdown to my race!!!!


So, after following my friends along on social media who were running the Walt Disney World Marathon, I headed out to the gym because that’s what was on the training calendar. After seeing so many people conquering 26.2 miles, a gym workout seemed anti-climatic. However, I reminded myself that it’s not about comparing myself to others. I needed to get this workout in because that’s what was on my calendar.


Well, I put in 27 minutes on the elliptical machine (I don’t know why the other stats didn’t show up in this pic).  This was the best I’ve felt on the elliptical machine in quite some time! I also got in the assisted chin ups and dips, leg press machine, and abs.


It was a really good workout for me!

Star Wars Half Marathon Countdown 4 Days

On Sunday, we had 4 days until the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend kicks off! The runDisney universe was focused on Florida last week….


We Got Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “It’s Star Wars Half Marathon Week!

  1. I love the we got next! SO pumped for this weekend.
    the rain really messed stuff up! I skipped my tues run (mainly because I was so sore) and decided not to run in the rain with me being as sore as I was. The rain should hold off for the weekend-yay!

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