My Favorite American Idol Moments

American Idol has returned for its very last season. I have been a fan of the show since season 1. My fandom has waned over the past couple seasons. However, I have managed to watch every episode since the top 5 of season 1. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t check it out when it first premiered. However, from the first moment I watched the show, I knew I’d love it. I had just graduated from Belmont University with my Music Business Marketing degree. So, watching elements of the music business play out on TV every week was super cool to me. I was an instant fan of Kelly Clarkson. When the first season tour came to Nashville (where I was living at the time), I went down to the arena on the day of the show and asked if they had any tickets. None of my friends were into the show. So, I’d be going solo. I ended up with a front row center stage ticket! In season 2, I attended the taping of the show where Ruben Studdard was nicknamed “America’s Velvet Teddy Bear” by Gladys Knight. I was at the Kodak Theatre when they crowned Carrie Underwood the winner.

So, I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite moments in the show’s history. These are only a few of my favorite moments from the show. If I posted all of them, I’d probably have a couple hours of music. No one wants that. However, here are some of my favorite moments….

While I don’t necessarily have an order to this, it seems like a good place to start with Kelly Clarkson’s Idol audition. How fun was her audition? Clear talent and super funny. Randy Jackson singing just a little par of “I Believe I Can Fly,” Kelly telling Ryan Seacrest he needs to fix his highlights…too much fun.

Next up? More Kelly. This time singing “Natural Woman.” Loved every moment of this song.

I was really happy to find this clip. It’s Kelly singing “A Moment Like This” in the final competition show of season 1. There are lots of You Tube videos of her singing at the winning moment. However, this is part of why she had that moment.

I’ve put this clip here for the first song. Back in Season 2, America headed off to war the night before this performance (I think). There was a lot of talk about whether or not it would be appropriate to even air American Idol. The producers chose to put “God Bless the USA” in the show as a group performance. Towards the end of the song, you can tell that this performance was a really emotional one for the Idols. The clip above has more than just “God Bless the USA.” But, I put it here for that song (the first one in the medley.

Before the Academy Award….before the Grammy’s, Jennifer Hudson wowed on American Idol. I love, love, love her performance of “Circle of Life!”

This was Carrie Underwood’s coming out song on her run on Idol. I don’t think many will forget Simon Cowell’s comment after this performance that Carrie would outsell any previous Idol contestant. He was right.

Then there is “Angels Brought Me Here” in the season 4 finale competition show. My feeling was that Carrie won the show with this performance.

Blake Lewis’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” was a game changer for Idol when he performed it on Bon Jovi Night. I bought the song on iTunes and still run to this song on occasion.

Who could forget David Cook’s performance of “Billie Jean?” Simply amazing!

Of course, there was that other David singing “Imagine.”

I think I’ll close this post out with Jessica Sanchez singing “I Will Always Love You.” It isn’t Whitney Houston. But, no one is. I still loved this performance of such a difficult song.

There are so many more I could include. Thanks for letting me look back in time at American Idol. Did you ever watch the show? Who were some of your favorites over the years? For me, it will always be Kelly Clarkson. No offence to anyone else. But, Kelly’s my fav.


One thought on “My Favorite American Idol Moments

  1. American Idol is one of my favorites. I remember my mom and I watched the very first episode in June 2001 (on my dad’s birthday actually!) as my brother and dad went to the Rays game and my mom stayed back because I had my first sunburn ever. We spent the night laughing and my dad and brother came back and laughed too. We went back to WDW the next day but kept watching when we were home. Also, in 2005 I came out to LA for spring break and ended up staying in the hotel with the top 12 (the year carrie underwood won) so we got to hang out with them which was awesome. Im sad to see it go but the show has definitely run its course

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