Happy New Year from Pasadena!

Sorry I’m getting this post up late. I had some internet issues earlier today. I can’t believe that it’s already 2016. Where did 2015 go? Today I abandoned what I’ve done the previous 2 New Year’s Days. I didn’t run this morning because I’ve got two runs coming up in the weekend.


Instead, I just walked up to Colorado Blvd. to take in some of the Rose Parade!


I got to see things like the float for the Iowa University Hawk eyes…


and their band.


I watched the Pasadena City College marching band. This is one of my Alma matters. I got my paralegal certificate from PCC.


Stanford University was out to represent the Pac-12.


Their band was very entertaining.


The drummer in the center is literally playing a kitchen sink. I’m totally serious. How cool it that?


Before I knew it, the Disneyland float approached where I was at!


The Disneyland float was amazing! I literally had goosebumps and may have shed a tear at how magical this float was.


The first part of the float was all about Frozen! Ana, Elsa, Kristoph, and Olaf were all there.


Then there was a bridge to the Disneyland part of the float.


Here’s the Disneyland section as a whole.


Mickey and Goofy were out to wish us all the best for 2016.


Donald and Daisy were in the back part.


The next bridge lead to the Star Wars section! We had Storm Troopers and Kylo Ren…


Captain Phasma….




and Chewbacca!


Look what was flying over my head!


The Millennium Falcon was soaring over Pasadena!


Before I knew it….just as quickly as the float arrived, it was on it’s way past me.


When you live in Pasadena, it’s not always necessary to watch the entire parade. Since I can just literally walk up the street to catch the parade, I pick and choose what I want to see. The Disneyland float was the main attraction for me in this parade. There were other cool floats and marching bands. However, for me, it was all about the Disneyland float.


With the start of the new year, a lot of bloggers (and people in general) are talking about their New Year’s Resolutions. To keep it real, I haven’t come up with a true list of goals for 2016. There are 2 that I can share right now…


The first goal for the year that I know I’m pursuing is that I want to run a 2:30:00 half marathon at the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon this year. This would be a little more than a 13 minute PR for me if I’m successful. I set my current 2nd best half marathon time at the 2015 Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon. It won’t be easy to hit such a PR on this course. However, I believe that, as long as I remain consistent in training, this is a totally doable goal.

New York City

The other goal I have for myself is to run in the 2015 New York City Marathon in November. Not only that, but I want to run it in 6 hours or less. The two goals I mention here sort of go hand in hand. If I work myself into the kind of conditioning to run a 2:30:00 half marathon by the start of June (when the RnR San Diego Half Marathon takes place), I would be in the kind of shape needed to run a sub 6 hour marathon.

life balance

In addition to these running related goals, the big goal for my 2016 is to find a better life balance. What does that look like? I have no idea right now.

Monthly Goals

Last year, I tried to set monthly goals and put them into the plan to get to my 2015 goals. I’m not sure if I’ll go this route as it didn’t last too long last year. However, my goal for the month of January 2016 is to solidify not only the goals I hope to achieve for the year, but develop a plan to get there.


For those who are taking off for Walt Disney World sometime in the next week, I want to wish you all the best as you take on the race(s) for the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend! So, whether you’re running the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge, Dopey Challenge, or any other combination of races, good luck!


For those of us who are running the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend races, this is the last back to back long runs. Soon, we’ll be in taper mode while the WDW Marathoners are in race week.

No matter what the calendar has for you, I want to wish everyone who takes the time to read this blog all the best for 2016! May this be the best year yet!

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2 comments on “Happy New Year from Pasadena!
  1. great goals! I am still working on formulating mine as we speak. as of NYC, one of the best races I have ever run but that course is TOUGH! the second half on the elevation chart doesn’t look bad but it is all on an incline. Many training runs on Orange Grove Blvd with the steady incline will help prepare you!

    • gloucks7 says:

      Thanks for the advice for the NYC Marathon. Even the commentators for the race mention how hard the course is. So, I do know that. The way I see it, I’ve got until November to get ready. Thus far, RnR SD Half is the first goal race of the year. Then, I’m planning on building on that for NYC as the second goal race. As I begin to set up a race calendar for 2016, it’s all going to be focusing on these two races. RnR SD Half is also a pretty tough course. Lots of hills along the way. So, I’m planning on a good diet of hill training this year.

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