Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Corrals Are Up!

The corrals and waivers are live for the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend. You can see and print your waiver by clicking here. At the bottom of your waiver, you will find your bib number. Here is how the bib numbers are distributed…

Star Wars Rebel Challenge Corrals

Above are the corral assignments for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge.

Star Wars Half Marathon Corrals

If you’re not in the challenge, but running the Star Wars Half Marathon, these are your corral assignments. If you are running the Star Wars 10K (not in the challenge) and/or the Star Wars 5K, you will find your assigned corral when you pick your bib up at the expo.

For the first time EVER, I’m in Corral B!!!!!! It looks like we have a slower group of runners for this half marathon/challenge. I can’t believe that Corral B is for people finishing between 2:21 and 2:56. So, either there are a lot of other slower runners like me in this race, or, there are a lot of speedy runners who forgot to send in their proof of time.

If you’re running, what corral are you going to be in?


7 thoughts on “Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Corrals Are Up!

  1. congrats on corral B! I am n A for this race. I don’t think there are too many people that forgot to submit time (unlike the social media uproar that occurred from the WDW marathon weekend corrals) and do think it is just a slower field overall.

    My only concern is that there will be lots of different speeds in corral A-I am debating whether I should head towards the middle of the corral or if I should just hang towards the back. I am also debating what characters I will stop for if any, mainly because the cosplayers were so epic last year.

    Also, the corrals are huge! I wish Disneyland would do smaller corrals like WDW does. it makes starting the races so much easier speed wise.

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