Avengers Running Costumes and Goals

Avengers Guide Cover

My 2015 Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend begins TODAY! I’m pretty stoked to have the day off from work so I can head down to the Expo. Of course, since I race tomorrow, I have to get my bib by the end of the Expo TODAY. I’ll be heading down to the Disneyland Resort this afternoon for some Expo fun.

Avengers We Run Social Meet Up

At 5pm, this is where I’ll be. The We Run Social Meet Up. Every We Run Social Meet Up I’ve gone to has been lots of fun. So, if you’re down at the resort, please stop by. With We Run Social, it’s always a feeling of “the more the merrier.” There are several of the We Run Social runners who are taking on the unofficial Avenge the Strip challenge. For those of you who are unaware. This group will be running the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon on Sunday morning and then flying or driving to Las Vegas to run either the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon or Marathon Sunday evening. Two running friends I know are doing the Dopey Challenge of races in 3 days this weekend. They ran the Avengers 5K today. They will run the Captain America 10K tomorrow. Then, run the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Sunday morning. They will fly to Las Vegas to run the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon Sunday evening. Crazy.


I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of the entire race gear for this weekend. However, I’ll be wearing this shirt on Saturday at the Captain America 10K. I knew it had to be Captain America themed for me with this race. I’ve worn the star and stripes 3 times before.


Last year, I wore them for the half marathon. So, this year, I wanted to do something different. I had looked into a more Winter Soldier kind of outfit. However, with the Chicago Marathon and Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon, I wasn’t able to think about this race too much. So, I missed my window of ordering opportunity for this race. Since I couldn’t put together a proper Winter Soldier outfit, I thought I’d go with a cool shirt that I’d wear after the races are over.


For the Avengers Super Heroes Half, I’m going with Iron Man. Yep. I can say Iron Man in posting about the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. You won’t hear that Avenger mentioned this weekend by race officials. There’s something about a Trademark on the name Iron Man with the Iron Man Triathlons.  I decided to go full Civil War mode with this weekend after my plans for an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit failed on me. Much like the Winter Soldier outfit, the shirt I wanted to wear wasn’t guaranteed to arrive in time for the races. The earliest arrival time I could get was today. However, that was on a range of from today through Thanksgiving. So, I couldn’t take the chance that it didn’t arrive on time. With that, and the fact that next Marvel movie will be Captain America: The Civil War, Iron Man it was.


Do I have goals this weekend? Absolutely. I’m trying to be realistic and base my goals on my training. So, first, let me go through the process of my goals. Okay?


Last Saturday, I did my first Magic Mile in quite some time and did it on a track for the very first time. My finish time was 11 minutes. When I plugged that number into the Jeff Galloway Magic Mile Predictor I came up with the following projected finish times:

  • 10K – 1:18:36
  • Half Marathon – 2:53:02

However, in my training runs over the past two weeks, my first mile time has averaged 10:48. So, when I plugged in that time into the predictor, it gave me the following projected finish times:

  • 10K – 1:17:10
  • Half Marathon – 2:49:53

Given those realistic times Here are my goals by the race:

For the Captain America 10K Race

  • Goal A – Beat my Disneyland 10K time of 1:17:01 to set a new 2nd best 10K time and a new runDisney 10K PR
  • Goal B – Beat my Star Wars 10K time of 1:22:00 to set a 2nd best runDisney 10K time
  • Goal C – If there are some short lines for pictures with characters on the course, finish with a smile on my face and get lots of pictures.

For the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon

  • Goal A – Beat my 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon time of 3 hours and set a new runDisney Half Marathon PR.
  • Goal B – Beat my 2014 Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon time of 3:03:15
  • Goal C – Beat my Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon time of 3:08:32 to show some progress from my last half marathon
  • Goal D – Take tons of pics on the course and finish with a smile on my face

All of this seems doable and realistic. I’m not going to be attempting to PR either race because I’m not prepared for that. This is not a goal race for me. I’m currently training for the 2016 Star Wars Rebel Challenge races. So, hitting the Goal A’s on both races would be pretty amazing. My expectations are to achieve my Goal B’s for the races. I think that if you’re gong to have a Goal A, B, and C, you should have your B goal something that is totally within your reach. Goal A should push you. Goal C is what you hang on to if things fall apart. So, there you go.


It’s time for me to assemble with all the runners at the Disneyland Resort! Feel free to follow me all weekend long as I’ll be posting to Twitter and Instagram. If you aren’t already following here are the handles…

  • Twitter – gloucks7
  • Instagram – whyirundisney

If you see me around the resort or on the race course, please say “hello.” It’s so much fun to meet the people who actually take the time to read my ramblings. For all that are running, have a great time racing! See you all at the finish line!

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