It’s Time for the Runners to Assemble at the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend!

Today, the runners will begin to ascend on the Disneyland Resort for the 2nd Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. Are you excited? I know I am.

Avengers Countdown 5 Days

Run Disney did their usual fun countdown starting 5 days ago.

Avengers Countdown 4 Days

Avengers Countdown 3 Days

Avengers Countdown 2 Days

Avengers Countdown 1 Day

I am typing this on the night before the Expo. It seems like Hawkeye will be the graphic on Thursday. Time will tell.

Avengers Merch

Also this week, runDisney put out some of the graphics that will be on the merchandise at the official merchandise area.

Avengers Merch 2

They have an “I Did It!” shirt for the 5K! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one of those. So, here’s the deal. This runDisney event will be the first time I haven’t been to the Expo on Day 1 to buy runDisney merchandise. Last year, I was disappointed with the options and I’m not so sure that I like the options I’ve seen this year. Not only am I skipping Day 1 of the Expo, but I’m not staying at a hotel around Disneyland for this race weekend. I decided to save the $400 it would have cost me to stay the two nights I’d need to be there. I figured that, since I’ve driven further for other races, the savings would be worth it. I drove to the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon last year and it turned out OK. So, I’m going to drive down for races on two consecutive days this year and see how it goes.

Avengers Expo Hours

If you are going to the Expo on any of the days, here are the hours for the Expo.

Avengers Expo Speakers

Additionally, runDisney finally announced the speakers they will have at the Expo. The “Breaking into Comics, The Marvel Way” sounds interesting. Jeff Galloway is always a good person to hear speak if you can make it. Sometimes I do wish that runDisney would get someone like Meb, Dena Kastor, Andrew Kastor, Ryan Hall, or Bart Yasso to come and speak at their Expo. Oh, to dream.

Avengers We Run Social Meet Up

Since my first race isn’t until Saturday, I had a choice to make. Go to the Expo on Thursday or Friday. I don’t need to take two entire days off from work to attend an Expo. Since my friends Ivie and AJ are hosting a We Run Social Meet Up on Friday, I decided to make Friday my day to check out the Expo goodness. If you’re down at the Disneyland Resort on Friday, you should totally come by this meet up. Also, it’s not in any of the theme parks. So, anyone can come by. As you all know, I love these folks who are part of the We Run Social Crew.


AJ and Ivie are a super awesome couple…

We Run Social Meet Up

Here’s the photo from the We Run Social Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Meet Up. I don’t know if there will be as many people out this time. However, look at us…too much awesome for one photo.

Avengers Weather Forcast

Anyways, the weather forecast is so encouraging. I don’t think that this race will suffer the same weather problems that we had last year. It will be really cold to start the race. However, we should be running in some pretty good temps this weekend.


It’s time for the runners to assemble! A super magical weekend awaits! Tomorrow, I will have a post on some final thoughts heading into this race weekend. I do have a few goals and some strategy for this weekend. I’ll also reveal my race outfits for the Captain America 10K and Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. For those attending the Expo today, have fun! Buy all the merchandise and take it all in.

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