Unofficial Chicago Marathon Finisher

Sorry I didn’t get this post written yesterday. I did finish the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. However, it was 7 minutes past the cut off time. So, I won’t be listed as an official finisher. I did beat my LA Marathon time by around 20 minutes to continue with the year of 2nd bests.

I posted this info with the above photo in the Team #runDisney Facebook group. I took the pic about 2.5 hours after I finished the race. I was proud to have beaten my LA Marathon time (thus the smile). Someone in the TrD group decided to ridicule me in a different group. He equated my finishing the race 7 minutes too slow with being carted off on a sweeper bus and given a finishers medal I didn’t earn. 

I didn’t get to the finish line via sweeper bus. I ran and walked my way all the way to the finish line. This is what I saw at the finish. They had closed off the finish line. So, we were directed to our right to go around the finish line. This not the same as riding a sweeper bus from mile 20 to the finish. I could have quit when I popped blisters in both feet in mile 22. But, I didn’t. By the end of mile 23, I knew I wasn’t going to make the cut off. I’ll talk about it more when I recap the race. I fought thoughts to quit all the way to the finish line. So, I will say that I finished the Chicago Marathon. Even if it’s not official.

It’s a little heart breaking to see someone you don’t know diminish your accomplishment while you sleep. All day Monday, the thread continued. Now, it’s deleted. I’m still processing it all. The funny thing is that I had a fun day in Chicago while that thread continued.

The tour of Soldier Field was awesome!

Tonight, I fly home. Good bye Chicago. Thanks for a fun trip!

21 thoughts on “Unofficial Chicago Marathon Finisher

  1. I saw that thread and I was so upset about it! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I know just how hard you have trained for this race. That person has every right to their opinion but to publicly diminish and say those hurtful things goes way too far.
    You SHOULD be proud of your finish because that’s what you did, you FINISHED. And no one can’t and that away from you.

  2. You definitely finished the race. When you get swept you don’t put in all the miles. You did; so put back on your smile, hand your medal with pride, and thumb your nose (or middle finger) at the jerk who diminished your accomplishment. You did it!

    1. Thanks! I agree. I couldn’t understand why having a time that doesn’t qualify as an “official” finisher is the same as being put on a bus and taken to the finish line. Even if I didn’t get a medal, I finished the race.

  3. Don’t pay them any attention – how dare they ridicule you! You got out there and you finished the race. 7 minutes is 7 minutes – you ran the same miles as anyone else whether they finished 7 minutes earlier or 70 minutes earlier! Some people can be so rude, but don’t feel bad, feel pity for them for being the kind of person that has to resort to being rude to complete strangers over the internet. Be proud of your achievement! You are a finisher! Official or not. You finished!!!

    1. Thanks. I agree! It’s just weird to have that happen to me. I was shocked to wake up to that. Plenty of people in the group he posted to had my back. The whole reason I was able to smile in the picture with the Bean is because I had finished with a 2nd best marathon and an improvement of 20 minutes over my LA Marathon time!

      1. Yup some people just don’t get that for most running is a personal achievement and that it doesn’t matter where you finished compared to anyone else on the course! Keep smiling! You did great!

  4. I think you finished the race no matter what they say. You did the entire 26.2 distance just like everyone else. Way to go.

  5. That thread really got my blood boiling so I just stayed out of it because I knew nothing could would come out of it. Don’t worry about the haters! YOU COMPLETED THE CHICAGO MARATHON!! YAY! Be proud of all of the work you put into it and there is nothing you can do about popped blisters because they are very painful! Don’t let the negativity get you down, just keep doing what you are doing! time to get ready for Avengers!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Juliana! I’m not going to sweat this one hater. It’s just so surprising. Especially since the guy who started all of this had only finished ONE full marathon. His time? 6 hours 50 minutes….or 13 minutes slower than me at Chicago. I really don’t get how someone like that would even make fun of what I did. It’s just weird. Can’t wait for Avengers! If it’s as windy as last year, I’m prepared. That Chicago race was very windy!

  6. I’m glad I missed that thread… All I can think of is that episode of the Simpsons with Stampy the Elephant – ‘Some people are just jerks.’ You’re an inspiration to a lot of people, good job!

  7. Just… I can’t believe people actually act that way and say such hurtful things. I am so sorry you had to deal with that, but you FINISHED! You pushed your way through 26.2 miles,whether ‘official’ or not. GREAT JOB!!

  8. I don’t care if it is “officially listed” or not – the fact is that YOU FINISHED. You ran 26.2 miles – ALL OF THEM. You are an inspiration and you always do it with a cheerful smile!

  9. I’m currently singing Shake It Off and doing a little dance on your behalf here (video available on request). They gave you the medal, they think you earned the medal, your feet definitely earned the medal……so, altogether now ‘haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate hate’.

  10. We’ve never met so I feel funny commenting. I want to say that as a fellow slower runner who loves Disney, I enjoy reading your posts. You and your wife seem like great people. Congratulations on finishing another marathon! And with an improved time! As for the negative comments, they are more a reflection of what’s going on in that person’s life than anything to do with you. Sad really. Maybe I’ll bump into you at a race someday. Be happy and proud.

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