Every runDisney Weekend Starts with an Expo

It’s hard to believe that nearly 2 weeks ago, the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend officially got underway with the Health and Fitness Expo. Sorry it’s taken so long to get this report up and going. Life was crazy last week. So, let’s get to it.


I was up and out the door early to deal with the fun Los Angeles rush hour traffic on my way down to the Disneyland Resort. Fortunately for me, the Waze app came through big time and I was parked about an hour after I left. I parked in the Mickey and Friends parking structure and was off to the Disneyland Hotel!


Mad props to the Disney cast members who were working the Expo. I think runDisney has finally figured out how to do their Expo’s at the Disneyland Resort. The cast members directed me to the up stairs holding area for those that wanted to start their Expo by visiting the Official RunDisney merchandise area (like me). I saw several of my running friends in line and had fun talking with those around me. There was a nice mixture of veteran runDisney runners and newbies around me. I love talking with new people!


Once I got into the Official runDisney Merchandise area, I went immediately to the “I Did It” shirts. After all, I really wanted the Disneyland Half Marathon and the Dumbo Double Dare “I Did It” shirts. One thing that kind of sucks about runDisney races is that you buy the “I Did It” shirts before actually getting to the starting line. I wish that runDisney would follow the Rock n Roll Marathon Series and only offer these shirts at the finish area. It would make way more sense. After picking up these shirts, I made my way around the area to see what was being offered.


By the way, this was the back of the shirts. Pretty cool. No?


This shirt was pretty tempting. But, I decided to pass. I went by this shirt at least 4 times before finally deciding to leave it on the hook.


The Dumbo Double Dare hats were not inspiring to me. It was an easy pass. I didn’t like the color green. Each of the three years of Dumbo, I haven’t liked the running hats.


As you all know, I’m not a fan of grey shirts.


This one was kind of cool.


I believe this was a ladies jacket. Love the color. However, I’m a guy.


This sniglet would be cool if I ran in sleeveless shirts.


The Disneyland Half Marathon merch offered a lot of cool things. I was tempted by the visor, but passed.


This tech shirt was another very tempting item.



The back of the half marathon jacket made this the toughest decision I would face. Buy the Disneyland Half Marathon jacket or the Dumbo Double Dare jacket.


The ladies jackets weren’t as cool to me. However, they weren’t meant for a guy. So, that’s cool.



The sniglets were kind of cool.


Then, there was the generic Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend merch.


It’s kind of fun to do the impossible!



10 Years of Running!





The drink ware wasn’t too inspiring to me.


And of course, the generic runDisney merchandise…


They sold running shorts this year! If they weren’t grey, I might have purchased some.


Running shorts for the ladies too!


These bottles didn’t look appealing at all.


This little bag was another big temptation. It would have been cool to have a sport bag with the Disneyland Half Marathon logo on it.


Can’t forget the “I Did It” Mickey!


I love all the car magnets!


Okay…cool new thing at this Official runDisney Merchandise area. They had an artist who would draw a very specific design dealing with the half marathon and sign it.


This was another thing I almost purchased.


In the end, here is all I purchased (other than the I Did It shirts).


Here’s a little more up close shot of the magnets and pins. As I was wandering around the merch area, I got to meet a few of my blog readers! It’s always so much fun to meet the people who read this blog!


After buying the official merchandise, it was time to head down to get my race bib. I always love the logo on the carpet. Each race is different.


Some of the Disney guys were leading the charge!


The lines for the half marathon were really light.


For us Dumbo peeps, it was more crowded. My line must have been the longest of the bunch. It didn’t take too long. However, it wasn’t the walk up others got. After I got my race bib, I headed back to an area where they took my picture with my bib for the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. With the Star Wars Rebel Challenge, runDisney changed the way they handled the challenges. They take your picture so you don’t have a wrist band to wear for multiple days. At the end of the Dumbo Double Dare, the match the picture taken here with what you look like at the end of the Disneyland Half Marathon to get your Dumbo Double Dare medal.


I exited the downstairs area and made my way back into the main exhibit hall. I love that they have this “blue” carpet for us. It makes it look like a Hollywood Red Carpet Event.


This Mickey Mouse fan couldn’t resist getting a quick selfie on the way in.


Once in, it was time to pick up the race shirts.


Here are the race shirts for this year. I love the designs of the shirts this year! I just wish the Half Marathon shirt was a different color. Maybe that light blue they have all the Disneyland 60th merch in?


From there, I made my way over to the runDisney booth to check out the new race medals. Missing in the set is the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge medal. According to a worker at the booth, the initial design got rejected when a prototype was made. So, we have to wait.


Just across the way, I saw my friends Kim and Gail. So, I went over to say hello. Of course, we’ve got to get a selfie. I asked Kim about the Chicago Marathon just to get her take.


We headed over to the runDisney booth to say hello to Jeff Galloway and I got the obligatory picture with Jeff. Every runDisney runner owes it to themselves to meet Jeff at least once.


I had never met race announcer Carissa before. Kim took care of the introduction. It was great to have her back at the runDisney races after taking time off to have a baby.


It was getting close to lunch time. So, after wandering around a little bit, I headed off to the ESPN Zone for lunch in a recliner. Too bad I wasn’t there for some football on the big screen! After lunch, I headed back to the expo to see who was  speaking. I noticed that Jeff Galloway was the speaker. So, I had to check it out. On the way, I ran into my friends AJ and Ivie and convinced them to listen to Jeff with me. Once Jeff was done, it was time for me to head out.


On the way out, I ran into this Goofy guy! I had a fun time goofin’ around at the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo!


I headed home because I still had that one last training run to finish. All in all, it was a fantastic way to kick off the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!

Up next…the Disneyland 10K.

7 thoughts on “Every runDisney Weekend Starts with an Expo

  1. Interesting to here they went with pictures again for the challenge. I picked up my packet later in the day so, they gave me wristband. When I went to get my challenge medal, they checked the computer obviously I wasn’t there and had to show the the wristband.

    One thing about late packet pickup is not getting there early for the runDisney official merchandise. I really wanted the jacket but they didn’t have my size. Now I know, get there early to get the official merchandise then get your bib.

    1. Very interesting about the challenge medal. I know that they gave wristbands for the Coast to Coast. However, at the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend, out here, they started this photo taking way of verifying you ran the 10K and Half Marathon. On the east coast, it started at the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.

      Yes, if you want merch, you’ve got to get there early. Anytime in the first couple hours should be fine. However, after that, it’s enter the official merch area prepared for them to be sold out.

    1. I’m thinking that I may go to the Expo on Friday for the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend. I know that means I’ll have slim pickings of the merch. That’s probably going to be okay. We shall see. If the preview of the merch looks too good, I could always change my mind. At least you got what you wanted!

  2. I love this. Thanks for the photos! I’m doing my first runDisney race at WDW Marathon Weekend. I’ll be running the Dopey Challenge. I hope they have visors at WDW Marathon weekend. I can imagine spending quite a bit there. Between the race specific wearables and then the runDisney items.

    1. Glad that this gives you a bit of a mental picture. The WDW Marathon Weekend is HUGE! It’s the largest event runDisney puts on. They have 2 official runDisney merch areas. While there are some repeats in merch, there are also a lot of different items. I have a tab on this site with the recaps from my experience at the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

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