Building Families Through Adoption

Last week was a crazy week with 100 degree temps, busted air conditioning in the apartment (again), car problems (again), adoption training, and no workouts or runs to report. I feel a little embarrassed to report this with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon less than a month away. However, life was simply overwhelming last week and my training runs suffered. So, in lieu of a weekly recap, I wanted to share this TEDx video that features one of my pastors, who also runs a charity called Adopt Together that helps fund adoptions. If you’ve got around 18 minutes to watch the video, you’ll learn exactly why adoption matters. Hank is absolutely spot on with everything he says in this video.

As for my fund raising for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon goes….I’ve raised $625 so far. I’m almost half way to the minimum I need to raise and time is running out. I know that some of you have already made a donation and others have helped spread the word. A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, I’ve still got a long way to go and the marathon is less than a month away. It’s crunch time. If you haven’t already made a donation, please do so. Even if it’s for a small amount of money. Every dollar counts. Every child deserves a forever home. Click the image below to make a donation today!


Still not convinced? Check out this blog post from September 10th where an adoptee returned to the orphanage she was once in that Holt International runs in China (the very country my fund raising is benefiting!). Click here to read that story! It’s pretty amazing!

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