A Quick Taste of the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo

I’ll get to a better recap of my fun at the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon Expo next week. For now, I wanted to give you a few images from this fun day…


I always love the carpet with the logo leading down to packet pick up!


On the wall leading down to packet pick up they had some fun Disney characters running to get their packets!


I saw lots of my running friends including the inspirational Kimberly Markey…


I met one of our runDisney race announcers Carissa for the first time!


Of course, you’ve got to stop and get a picture with the awesome Jeff Galloway!


Then, there was this goofy character roaming the halls of the Disneyland Hotel lobby.


Saturday, I’ll be earning this medal at the Disneyland 10K!


Sunday, I’ll get this medal at the Disneyland Half Marathon!


Mickey is on the other side of the spinner! This medal looks way better in person than it did in the pictures runDisney released.


Last, but certainly not least, by finishing the Disneyland 10K on Saturday and the Disneyland Sunday (and because I registered for it), I’ll earn this Dumbo Double Dare medal.

I’ve had a good week in training runs (including Thursday night). I feel like I’m ready to attempt a 10K PR on Saturday. The great thing about running is that, no matter how bad you ran the time before, every day is a new day. You can always do better. The opposite is true as well. Some days, it’s just not meant to be. While I would have loved to be heading to the starting line of the Disneyland 10K 100% healthy and flawless training behind me, it’s okay that I don’t. I could wake up Saturday feeling really crummy. Or the course crowding could be too much to overcome. No matter what, I’m giving it my very best effort and let the results be what they will. Here’s to a fantastic and fun weekend of running at the Disneyland Resort and the streets of Anaheim. Good luck to all the runners who are running this weekend. This is your victory lap!

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