My Dumbo Double Dare Race Attire…

The Disneyland Half Marathon Expo is TODAY! This post will be going up about an hour before I plan on driving down to Anaheim for some Expo fun. What’s interesting to me is that, even though I did not want to sign up for the Disneyland Half Marathon initially, I am  pretty excited that the race weekend is finally here! The weather looks good right now for both races. So, the reason I dreaded the half marathon doesn’t appear to be a factor. Yesterday, I promised to give the big running “costume” reveal today. So, here you go…


For the Disneyland 10K, I’m going with the Incredibles. If I set a new 10K PR, I’ll call it a Dash outfit. If I don’t, I’ll call this a Mr. Incredible outfit. After all, Mr. Incredible isn’t known for being super speedy and Dash is. So, we’ll just call this Incredibles themed for now. In the recap, I’ll give the official name. Sound good?


For the Disneyland Half Marathon, I’m going with the Mouskateer theme. I created this shirt through Zazzle. Who knew they made running friendly shirts?  I had thought of being more authentic with just my name on the front and the Mouskateer logo on the back. However, I’m not a big fan of creating something to run in that I can’t use later.

Since this is the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland, I thought it would be cool to do something that was a throwback to opening day. As you can see in the clip above, the Mouskateers were first shown on opening day, July 17, 1955. You’ll notice that I don’t have the Mickey ears. Well, I just can’t run with them. This is a race after all.

Anyways, that’s what I’ll be wearing for the races. There are people who come up with some really elaborate race costumes that I have no idea how they like running in. It’s fun to dress up a little for the races. I just try to keep what I wear functional for the distances I’m running. Have you ever run in a race costume?

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