Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Expo Starts TOMORROW!!!!!!!!


It’s almost here! Before all the fun begins, I wanted to take a moment to mention my plans for this fun-filled victory parade through Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Angel Stadium, and the streets of Anaheim. If you’ve never run a runDisney race and are coming out, you are in for a treat. This is the biggest runDisney weekend at the Disneyland Resort. The Star Wars Half Marathon may have been the funnest half marathon ever! However, the Disneyland Half Marathon is the biggest event.


Tomorrow will be my day at the Expo. It opens at 10am. I’ll be leaving Pasadena, hopefully, at 7am. LA Traffic is terribly unpredictable. So, if it takes me 2 hours, leaving at 7am will get me down to the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure around 9am. Then….


it’s off to the Expo at the Disneyland Hotel. I’m pretty sure the line will begin to form before I arrive at 9am. However, I won’t stress too much about that. If you can get to the official runDisney merchandise area before noon, you should be okay if there are specific items you really want. I know that the information coming from runDisney tells us to get our race bibs first. I say, the bibs and race shirts will be there no matter when you arrive. Many items of the official merchandise will not. If official merchandise isn’t a big thing for you, it really doesn’t matter when you arrive. Don’t forget to print out your waivers before you arrive. Click here to get your waivers. I will be at the Expo from whenever I get there until probably around 2 or 3ish. After all, I still have one training run left before the Disneyland 10K that I’ll run that evening.


Friday, it will be back to work. After my wife gets home from work, we’ll pack the car up and head down to our hotel for the evening.


Saturday morning, it’s Disneyland 10K day! There is a meet up scheduled for the Team #runDisney Facebook group from 4 – 4:30am under the big sorcerer Mickey hat at the Disneyland Hotel that I’m planning on being at. Also, at 4am, I’m going to try to meet some of my fellow Disney cast members for a photo by the stage in the staging area. For the race, I’ll be attempting to set a new 10K PR. I had a fantastic 4 mile run on Tuesday evening. So, I think there is a very real possibility that my 10K PR could fall on Saturday! If not, that’s okay too. Either way, I’ve got to give it my very best try to see what happens.

We Run Social Meet Up Disneyland Half

At 1pm by Trader Sams at the Disneyland Hotel, some of my peeps from the #werunsocial crew will be having a meet up.


Linzie (in the Run or Die shirt)…


and Carlee are hosting this meet up. So, if you’re willing to give up some theme park time and want to meet some super cool runners, head over to Trader Sams on Saturday afternoon. It should be fun.


Sunday will be the Disneyland Half Marathon day! I’ll be up early again for another meet up of the Team #runDisney Facebook group and Disney Cast Member meet up. For the race itself, I have no expectations going into it. This is where getting sick so close to the race has altered my expectations. Before, I was hoping to run a sub 3 hour half marathon to set a runDisney half marathon PR for me. My current runDisney half marathon PR is 3 hours even set at the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon. Because I didn’t get that second back to back run weekend, I’m not sure how my endurance will be for this race. I know the course really well. If the time doesn’t work out for me, I’ll switch gears and have total fun with the race and just aim to finish with a smile on my face.


While I won’t be earning a Coast to Coast medal this year, I’m totally looking forward to adding 3 more medals to the collection. On Thursday, I’ll reveal what I’ll be running in for both the Disneyland 10K and the Disneyland Half Marathon. My race outfits aren’t as elaborate as some. However, I am dressing up a little bit. So, tune back in tomorrow to see what I’ll be running in!


By the way, don’t forget to say “hello” to Jeff Galloway at the runDisney booth at the Expo. Also, if you see me around, feel free to say “hello.” It’s so much fun to meet the people who read this blog! I also want to encourage you to do the same with other runDisney bloggers you may follow. At my first race after becoming a blogger, I missed out on a few opportunities to meet some of the bloggers I follow. As I’d learn, there are really no divas in the runDisney blogging crowd. Everyone I’ve met is super nice. If you follow their blog, you already know some things about them. So, don’t be afraid to say “hello.”

Now that the race weekend is here, I can’t wait to get down to the resort and start this fun weekend!

4 thoughts on “Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Expo Starts TOMORROW!!!!!!!!

  1. I will be working the Expo tomorrow between 8a-3p. Don’t know where yet, but I will keep my eye out for you. Hoping to meet Carlee, too. Have a great time and don’t stress about time, it’s all about the fun! And I am extremely jealous.

    1. It would be awesome to meet up! I’m not overly stressed about time. One thing that is good about getting sick a couple weeks before a race is that you have this built in excuse if things don’t go well. All I can do is go out and give it my best try. The results will be what they are meant to be.

    1. If you are going to be at the We Run Social meet up, then we’ll definitely see each other. Have a magical run through the parks all weekend long! You have a crazy fall racing schedule. Are you ready for it to begin?

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