Highlighting the Disneyland Half Marathon Merchandise on My Birthday

Today is my Birthday! Yesterday, runDisney gave me a little bit of an early birthday present in letting us see some of the merchandise that will be sold at the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo next week. Let me say that I’m pretty stoked on what they showed us. Let’s look…

DL 5K and 10K Merch

First up is the merch specific to the Disneyland 5K and 10K. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 5K “I Did It” shirt before. Nor have I seen a 10K “I Did It” shirt before. Both look amazing! I mean, a villains themed “I Did It” shirt? It looks pretty cool to me.

DL Half Merch

Next up is the Disneyland Half Marathon merchandise. I love, love, love the “I Did It” shirt for the Disneyland Half Marathon. I love that it’s not grey. It’s blue! The past two years, I’ve skipped the Disneyland Half Marathon “I Did It” shirt because it was grey. This year’s shirt has become a “must buy.”

DDD Merch

Last up…how cool is the Dumbo Double Dare “I Did It” shirt!!!!!???? I love the color and the “Fly to the Finish” logo! I’ve never purchased a jacket at a runDisney race. That may change. I love the jacket as well. This Expo may break me. I’ve chosen to extend my birthday festivities one week to include purchases at the Expo. I don’t need birthday presents today because there will be plenty of stuff to buy at the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo.

embracers-55a667708b33fLastly, today is the last day to make a donation towards the charity I’m running for at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. This is the last day to be included in a drawing I will conduct over the weekend for a $50 Disney gift card. Every $10 donated will gain you one entry.  So, click on the link above and donate. Money raised will go a long way towards a world with no more orphans. That’s what I’m running the Chicago Marathon for…a world where every child has a forever home. Making a donation today will be a fantastic way to wish me a happy birthday. Just sayin’.

Have a great weekend everyone!

8 thoughts on “Highlighting the Disneyland Half Marathon Merchandise on My Birthday

    1. Thanks! I’m sure that next year, when I am not running the Disneyland Half Marathon, they’ll come up with some stuff I wish I could buy but won’t feel right about it because I’m not running as well. This is what makes the decision about running the Star Wars Half at Disney World so difficult. What if they get cooler merch? Oh the horror! I’ve got a tough decision to make in September.

  1. Happy birthday, birthday twin!

    I try not to buy too much stuff but that dumbo jacket is just too adorable! Will have to see if they still have any on Friday afternoon. I am a by nervous because the champion jackets from Tink were ripping the next day!

    1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday weekend! I hope the jacket is still there in your size this coming Friday. Also, hope to see you around the resort!

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