Catching Up with All the runDisney Announcements

It has been a busy week for the folks at runDisney.

Star Wars Half East

As you know, they announced that there will be a Star Wars Weekend at Walt Disney World in April of 2016, which I covered yesterday.

Run Disney New Balance Shoes

On Monday, runDisney announced the newest addition to their New Balance shoes that will be available for sale at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.


This one features Donald Duck! The new shoe is part of the Fresh Foam Collection. They are a neutral shoe and are essentially the guys version of the shoe they released at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend for the ladies. The shoes will be released at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend on Thursday, September 3rd. Starting at 6am on September 3rd, you can sign into the New Balance Virtual Queue to get a spot to buy the shoes. You’ll sign up with the web site. They will send you a text message/email when it is your turn to head over to the New Balance booth at the Expo to purchase your shoes. What do you think of the new design? Will you be signing up to get a pair? I’m not a big enough Donald Duck fan to warrant the price you have to pay for these shoes. So, I’m probably gonna pass on this.

Avengers Medals

On Wednesday, runDisney kept the announcements rolling in with the unveiling of the finisher medals for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend!


The Kids Races medallion will feature Ant-Man….the newest Avenger!


The Avengers Super Heroes 5K medallion it all about Thor!


The newest addition to the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon is the Captain America 10K. I’m kind of excited about earning this medal in November! It’s the famous shield, of course. The only thing that could make this medal better is if they added color to it.


Lastly, we have the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon medal. It just like last year’s medal that spins. What we haven’t seen yet is the new Infinity Gauntlet Challenge Medal.


It’s been a big week full of runDisney announcements. Monday, they revealed the new runDisney New Balance shoe for the Disneyland Half Marathon. Tuesday, they revealed a brand new Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World. Then, on Wednesday, they unveiled the new medals for the 2015 Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend. What a week it has been! All three announcements were exciting. Which one was most exciting to you?

4 thoughts on “Catching Up with All the runDisney Announcements

  1. I soooo wish I could do the Star Wars one!! and the new shoes are really cool but I’m still hoping I can get the tink ones at Princess weekend.

    1. I think I’m going to be on the fence about Star Wars until registration day. Hopefully, I’ll figure it out by then. I hope that you get the Tink shoes you want.

    1. I do agree that the Ant-Man medal is soooooo cool! If I were a bigger Donald Duck fan, I’d probably buy the shoes. However, I think I’m going to skip them this time around.

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