Taking in Some Hollywood Magic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Hello Disney’s Hollywood Studios without the hat.


Back during the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon trip, this road looked much different.


We made our way up to the Chinese Theater facade…


to take on the Great Movie Ride. Even though this ride is a bit outdated, I really like the details. In the queue line, they play trailers from various movies, like Casablanca.


If you haven’t been on this attraction, you get on a rather large tram type of ride vehicle.

IMG_8305Most of the ride involves riding through some classic movie scenes….like Singing in the Rain

IMG_8306Mary Poppins


I can’t remember if this was out of a particular movie. However, it is John Wayne.


Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark….


and Casablanca.


After the Casablanca scene, you get treated to a movie clip montage that celebrates Hollywood history.


Then, we’re off to follow the yellow brick road to finish the ride. What makes or brakes this ride experience is the cast member MC. The cast member we had was really good and it made the ride way more enjoyable.


Brooke and I aren’t the best with roller coasters. So, we split off from our group while they took on Rock n Roller Coaster and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Brooke and I went to the show she most wanted to see…The Little Mermaid. This is a pretty fun show. Although, it’s more geared towards kids. I like the mixture of movie clips, puppetry, and live actors.


We had some more time to kill. So, we headed to the Magic of Disney Animation building. I’ve heard that this building is now closed as part of renovations Disney has planned for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


There were lots of fun displays from various animated films. Disney did a great job of changing up what was on display. Since Inside Out was the next animated feature film the Walt Disney Company was putting out, we saw lots of stuff from that movie.


The Magic of Disney Animation building used to be an actual animation studio. When I first visited this place, in spring of 2002, you could see animators at work. By the time Brooke and I got to visit, it was converted into a meet and greet area.


So, we had to get a quick picture with the big cheese himself!


After the Magic of Disney Animation, we were off to get inspired at another attraction that has closed since we were last there.


Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream is a Walt Disney fan’s dream place to visit. It’s too bad that Disney is closing this attraction down. In a few weeks, I’ll have to do a post on this attraction. I took lots of photos while we were there. During the WDW Maraton trip, I took some photos, but had to be quick about it because the movie was getting ready to show. I was going to go back after the movie, but didn’t. So, on this trip, I made sure to get as many photos as I wanted. Now that they’ve closed the attraction, I’m glad I did.


Walt’s fingerprints were all over the exhibit area.


The birth of Mickey Mouse…


At Disney California Adventure, they have the Storyteller’s Statue. If you’ve seen it, you probably would recognize this suitcase…


See? Same suitcase.


I had to post this. I mean, Disneyland did just turn 60.


The model of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle on display!


Highlights from the Walt Disney Company in 1955.


And they even have a Dumbo!


Of course, Walt Disney’s story didn’t end with the opening of Disneyland.


He had plans to open something even bigger…Walt Disney World!


Sadly, Walt never saw the Magic Kingdom open. His brother Roy worked himself to death to get the Magic Kingdom opened. It was fitting that he got to open that park.


They also has a model of Cinderella’s Castle.


Spaceship Earth….


and the castle at Disneyland Paris among other exhibits. All the exhibits lead you into the theater where you get to see the Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream film. Totally inspiring!


Then, we headed to Pixar Place…


to check the line for Toy Story Midway Mania. 75 minutes was way too long.


Across the way from Toy Story Midway Mania is an indoors meet and greet with Buzz Lightyear and Woody. I love this meet and greet area. It’s indoors and has so many other fun photo opportunities.


The claw was calling me!


It missed getting both of us!


Zurg didn’t scare us at all!


We helped out finding Jessie before she could get taken to the plane in Toy Story 2!


Then, we got into Andy’s room and met Buzz and Woody!


We couldn’t resist getting a selfie with the guys! This was my absolute favorite picture of the entire trip! Great job cast member for getting this picture of Brooke and I taking a selfie!


We met back up with our group to take in Muppet Vision 3-D. It was nice to see that Disney has changed up the queue area pre-show to make it in line with the newest Muppet movies.


Then, it was time for Star Tours. I LOVE the queue line at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


After lunch at Mama Melrose’s, we wandered around the backlot area for some fun pictures. Ka-Chow!


Lightning McQueen and Mater!


How did we get to San Francisco? It’s like magic!


We even got to see Cinderella’s carriage.


Say what you will about the attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There are so many great photo opps throughout the park.


Up next was the Beauty and the Beast show. This show used to play at Disneyland in the Fantasyland Theater.


After the show, we noticed that the line for Toy Story Midway Mania was a little under an hour. So, we headed back.


The queue line is soooooo much fun!


Peter Pan View Master reel!


Etch a Sketch would draw puzzles for us to solve while waiting.


This is the answer.


Mr. Potato Head is much further to the back of the queue line at Disney’s Hollywood Studios than at Disney California Adventure.


Almost there!


Brooke and I love this ride at both Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney California Adventure!


Time to play!


Afterwards, we headed back towards Fantasmic and had dinner outside.


Time for some Fantasmic! Your friend and host Mickey Mouse!


At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, they have replaced my favorite scene from the Disneyland version, Peter Pan, with Pocohontas. This is part of why I prefer the Disneyland version.


Since we were off to the side, the princess floats were dark by the time they got in front of us.


Beauty and the Beast!


At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, they have the original Fantasmic dragon.


So many Disney World fans talk about how Disneyland is so much smaller. This small little river boat is cute, but it’s no match for the Mark Twain Disneyland has.


See? It’s a pretty small little river boat.


Getting ready for the big finish!


Mickey is getting ready…


to launch a barrage of fireworks to finish the show!


Some imagination! Huh?


This was the perfect way to cap off our last full day at Walt Disney World. Since the crowd was so large, we waited it out before heading out.


This must be an area where you can have a special catered dessert for the show.


Even though I prefer the Disneyland version of Fantasmic, I do love that they have actual seats to watch the show.


As we left, the park was pretty crowded. During our stay, there was a cheer leading competition going on and they had a special after hours party going on at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that night.


I may not love roller coasters, but I do love the queue area for Rock n Roller coaster!


Here’s the Carthay Circle at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s a retail store at this theme park.


No one does night time at a theme park like Disney. Here’s the view up Hollywood Boulevard at night!


This looks an awful lot like Oswald’s at Disney California Adventure. Doesn’t it?


I absolutely love the era in Hollywood that the buildings are modeled after!





After checking out some of the shops on the way out, it was time to leave our last theme park of the trip.


Leaving Disney theme parks is never easy for me. Especially, when I don’t know when I’ll get to return. Since our time at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there have already been a lot of closures. I haven’t heard what they’ve got planned for this theme park. However, one thing that’s obvious…the next time I visit, it will look a lot different.

Even though this was the last theme park of our trip from the spring, we still had part of another day with some Disney fun that I’ll share next Friday to close out my trip reports from Spring 2015. Have a great weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Taking in Some Hollywood Magic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  1. Fantasmic is my absolute favorite. I have never been to Disney World, but the one in Disneyland looks so much better. I can’t imagine not having the Peter Pan seen or the Mark Twain. Both of those give me chills every single time, no matter how many times I see it. I used to get dinner at the River Belle and just sit there for a couple of hours so I’m not real happy with the whole Fast Pass decision.

    1. Me too! The Disney’s Hollywood Studios version is growing on me. However, it will never be as good as the original Fantasmic at Disneyland. I’m not too happy about the addition of the FastPass for Fantasmic either.

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