Virtual Disney Tours Heads to Walt Disney Studios Paris

So, on the day where the Diamond Celebration at the Disneyland California Resort begins with their 24 hours at Disney day, it may seem strange to head back to Paris with this virtual Disney day. However, that’s where we’re at. I really like this video because it’s a great overview of the Walt Disney Studios Paris. After looking over the park map, I think we can cover this theme park in 2 parts. Today, we’ll check out the Front Lot, Production Courtyard, and Backlot. So, let’s head off to the entrance.

So, here’s something different. To get to the different lands of Walt Disney Studios Paris, you have to walk through Disney Studio 1, which is indoors. It looks like, by this brief video, that they have some places you might find at Disney’s Hollywood Studios like the Brown Derby. However, it’s all indoors and lit up.

Care to do some shopping? Okay, shopping doesn’t work so well on a virtual trip. However, I thought this was kind of fun and different.

They even have a music group that plays in Studio 1. Enjoy the sounds of the Studio 1 Orchestra.

The first attraction we’re going to take in is Cinemagique in Production Courtyard. This film is really cool! Martin Short is in it and I love the mix of English and French and the way Martin Short moves the story along. In my opinion, it’s one of the better films at any Disney theme park. So, enjoy. I do realize that the video isn’t the best because it doesn’t have the film featured in full screen. However, it will give you a pretty good sense of the film.

Up next is Disney Junior Live on Stage. This one is for the kids and is pretty much the same kind of show you’d find at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney California Adventure. One thing I found interesting is that this show is in English. I would have expected a little more of an English/French split or an entire show in French.

Any fans of Stitch out there? Weill, here’s your chance to interact with your favorite character at Stitch Live! This attraction reminds me of Turtle Talk with Crush at EPCOT and Disney California Adventure. Only, you’re interacting with Stitch instead of Crush.

Armageddon: Les Effects Speciaux looks interesting. It looks like an attraction that is best experienced in person. So, the virtual trip may be a little lacking for this one. This takes place in the international space station from the movie with narration from the cosmonaut. Pretty interesting.

I couldn’t find a full ride experience of the Rock n Rollercoaster Starring Aerosmith. So, this video takes you through queue area right up until you get onto the ride.

Here’s is the on ride experience. One thing I’ve noticed is that the story of Rock n Rollercoaster at Walt Disney Studios Paris is slightly different than the story of the same attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. At DHS the rollercoaster is taking you to an awards show with Aerosmith (if I’m remembering it correctly). At WDSP, the story is like you’re riding the emotions of a rock concert with Aerosmith. Also, the track of the coaster is more lit than the same attraction at DHS. I love that this ride is the same but a little different.

Up next is the Moteurs…Action! Stunt Show Spectacular. Who doesn’t love a good stunt show? I must say that I surprised that this show is so long. Usually, theme park shows are closer to 20 minutes max. Even with the length, I think you’ll enjoy it. After all, this show does have Lightning McQueen in it.

The Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic is an interesting tour to take. It looks like they’ve tried to put a few of the items in the tram tour that used to reside at Disney’s Hollywood Studio into this tour as well. However, it is a little different as well. No studio tram tour will compare with the one at Universal Studios Hollywood because that tour takes you through a real Hollywood Studio backlot and you are on the grounds where actual films were made. It is fun to see some of the vehicles that were used in some films, though.

The last item for us to check out is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. This version of the attraction is like the version at Disney California Adventure. What do you think Tower of Terror fans out there? How does the Walt Disney Studios Paris version stack up?

That’s all for this virtual trip. I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring Walt Disney Studios Paris. Next week we’ll finish up this park. As you can see, there is not as much to do at Walt Disney Studios Paris as some other theme parks. However, it is still fun to see what it has. If you’re at the Disneyland Diamond Celebration 24 hour day of Disneyland California today, I hope you have a magical time! I’ll be heading to Disneyland on Saturday with the wife to take in all the 60th Anniversary goodness. See you next week!

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