Visiting Discoveryland to Close our Virtual Trips at Disneyland Paris

It’s time to visit the only land we haven’t checked out yet at Disneyland Paris….Discoveryland. They don’t have a Tomorrowland like the United States Disney theme parks. So, a lot of what we’d see in Tomorrowland is at Discoveryland. Let’s check it out…

First attraction of the day? Star Tours of course. The video above captures the entire queue line. I think they just might have the best Star Tours queue line yet. Don’t get me wrong. I love the whole At-At and Endor scene at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. But, they have an X-Wing Fighter outside in Paris. Hmmmm.

Star Tours at Disneyland Paris is still the original version. So, if you’re looking for some nostalgia or just want to remember what the original version was like, check out this video.

I had to throw this little video into our virtual trip. Ever want to know what’s going on to the ride vehicle while you’re on Star Tours. This video shows you. So, if you don’t want the magic ruined, ignore this video.

Les Mystères du Nautilus is a pretty cool walk through kind of attraction. Even though I don’t remember 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, it is still interesting to walk through with the videographer in this attraction.

Time to take a ride on the Autopia. This is pretty much the same concept as we have at Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom. The Paris version looks like it’s longer. I could be wrong. I love the look of the cars!

Up next is Space Mountain Mission 2. All I can say is this ride is pretty different. I mean…it starts off out in the light and launches you into space. Pretty cool stuff. It is interesting to me how many stairs you have to climb to get to the ride vehicle.

I found this video to be pretty interesting. It’s about Space Mountain 2. The video is in French. However, you can get the English subtitles if you wish. Pretty fascinating look at Disneyland Paris’s version of this classic attraction.

After being shot into space, it’s time for a less intense space ride. The Orbitron is not as special. It just goes in circles like Dumbo. However, we don’t exclude any ride on a virtual trip.

Are you ready for a sing a long? Disneyland Paris has their version of the Frozen Sing A Long at the Videopolis Theatre. If you’ve seen the Frozen Sing a Long at Disney California Adventure or at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you will be surprised by this version. It’s done pretty differently. Not only is it in French, but there is no Anna, Elsa, and the gang from the movie. Of course, they do sing the same songs. So, check out the little differences.

Before closing our trip out, I thought we should visit a couple of the restaurants because they sound interesting. First restaurant is the Cafe Hyperion. I really like the look of this place. Have no idea how the food actually is.

The next restaurant is Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet. I’ve got to admit that I was a little disappointed to see what it looked like on the inside. One of these days, Disney needs to try to recreate the Pizza Planet from Toy Story just like it is in the movie. The restaurant looks like a large space where they have a few elements from the movie.

That leads to our last attraction at Disneyland ParisBuzz Lightyear Laser Blast. This attraction is much more like the attraction we have out at Disneyland California. It’s so much fun to see Buzz Lightyear giving instructions in French and English. He’s a multi-lingual Space Ranger!

I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring Disneyland Paris as much as I have these past few weeks. Next week, we’ll venture off to the other Disney theme park in Paris….Walt Disney Studios Paris. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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