Flying Through Week 16 of 2015


Good morning from Disneyland! Week 16 finished with running 12 miles over much of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon course. Of course, like all the times I’ve done runs like this one, I covered all of the ground outside of the parks in my run plus more. After all, the Tinker Bell Half Marathon course is not 12 miles away from the theme parks. It was a trying week away from training. However, I feel like it was a good week of training considering everything else. Let’s look at how the week went down.


I finally got a Tuesday run in before work again. Running on Tuesdays is always the plan for the week. However, the past weeks have seen me miss runs on Tuesday mornings. So, I was really happy to get out and run on a Tuesday morning again! I’ve got to admit that this run was a “grind it out” kind of run. I kept reminding myself that a slow run is better than no run at all. With my previous effort over the same route producing my first sub 32 minute 3 mile run, the standard keeps getting raised. How weird is it that I consider a 32 minute, 30 second run over 3 miles as slow. However, it is a run that felt that way. Honestly, up until the 3rd mile, i thought it was going to be even slower. So, I was pretty happy that it didn’t end up as slow as I thought!


Thursday was much better. I finished the 3 miles in 32 minutes exactly! I wasn’t as fast as the Thursday before. However, it was a solid run that felt amazing! Both of the mid-week runs this week brought about an amazing feeling. Some might call it the runner’s high. As I go along in this running journey, I think I’m finally getting to that point where I feel better on the days I run than on the days I don’t. There’s a lot of family stuff going on right now. The sadness over the wait to be selected to adopt a child is forever weighing on me as well. The past two weeks, running has been my therapy. There are a couple of points along my 3 mile, mid-week runs, where I am very aware of time. Both are in the second mile. As I get faster, it never ceases to amaze me. I still remember that first before work run I made. It took 39 minutes and change to finish. Now, I’m running the same route in 32 minutes. Progress!


Saturday was supposed to be the day I ran over the Tinker Bell Half Marathon course. However, the family drama meant that I didn’t get to sleep in time to make that happen. So, Sunday was the day instead. I headed down to Disneyland to run as much of the course as I could (and then some). I’m proud of this run. Not for the time it took me to finish (I was pretty slow). However, I was proud because there were so many reasons for this run to not happen. I fought through them and finished all 12 miles I wanted to run!

The day began with me getting out the door later than I wanted to. That pushed back my starting time. I wasn’t happy about that because I knew the temps were going to warm up. Then, as I walked down to start, I noticed that one of the ear pieces was missing a piece to it. So, I wasn’t sure if it would work using this ear piece. Then, the first mile got off to a rough start. I was tired and the legs felt heavy. I immediately thought…Can I even do this? I wanted to quit. The first mile of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon course is probably the most difficult. I told myself that it would get better and by mile 4 it did!


When I do these runs by the Disneyland Resort, I know beforehand that they will probably be a little slower than the ones I do here in Pasadena. After all, I’m starting close to the opening of the theme parks and the crowd levels are high. Plus, the stop lights around the resort take forever to change. So, if I get stuck at one of them, I could be adding 1-2 minutes to my overall time. In a race, the lights aren’t a problem. By the third mile, I was so slow and having such bad luck with the lights, that I had to take the opportunity to have fun. So, I made my way to Downtown Disney and got a few fun photos. Look! Captain America!


Once I got on the streets of Anaheim, I got back into regular run/walk intervals and held them as much as I could. I’ve got to say that the part of the Tink course that’s on the streets of Anaheim isn’t terribly exciting. The route is largely flat with a few bumps to get over. The worst climbing on the course happens in the first mile and a half. If you don’t like climbing hills, this course will be a good one for you. I will offer more details as I cover what I learned about the course this week.


After running 12 miles, I headed back to the car for some recovery food. When I saw the Captain America Chocolate Milk in the grocery store, I had to buy.


After the run, I also changed clothes to head off to the theme parks. On Friday, I had this thought of how cool it would be to grab some pictures in the theme parks to include in my coverage of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon course. I was craving a burger after the run and the Taste Pilots Grille has the best burgers in a Disneyland Resort Theme Park. So, that’s where I’d start.


So, as I was eating lunch, I noticed that one of my friends from my days at APU was at DCA with his family. As I was finishing my meal, I thought I saw him order his food. By the time I was finished eating, he was just getting his food. So, randomly, I ran into an old college friend! Fun times!


After lunch, I headed off to take lots of pictures for my Tinker Bell Half Marathon coverage. In Cars Land, I ran into this guy! Gotta love some Mater!


After checking out the parts of the course I think Tink runs through in DCA, I headed off to Disneyland to do more of the same. Unfortunately, my phone’s battery didn’t want to cooperate.


Here’s something I hadn’t seen before…Mickey and Minnie dancin’ in the street!


Since I’d been seeing pictures of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle all dressed up for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary, I really wanted to see it for myself. Let’s just say that the castle absolutely sparkles! After taking this picture, the phone battery was down to 2%. Yikes! Looks like I wouldn’t make it through all of the Disneyland parts of Tink. So, I headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean for a quick cruise. While waiting, I was feeling tired from all the running. So, I headed back up Main Street U.S.A. to make my way home.

Before I left, I stopped by the Great Moment’s with Mr. Lincoln Theater to watch the above film. They showed this film in the theater itself for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary. It was great to end my Disneyland day with some inspiration!

As you can see, it wasn’t a bad week at all. I still need to get back to the gym. However, I made all three training runs. The next couple weeks are going to be really interesting. Brooke and I will be at an adoption conference on Friday and Saturday. That means, I won’t be able to run on Saturday, as planned. I’m altering my approach this week. The plan is to run on Tuesday and Wednesday before work. Then, I’ll take Thursday off. Friday, I’m taking a vacation day from work so we can be in south Orange County by 5pm. So, I’ll run 7 miles on Friday morning to get that third run in. Hopefully, there will be time to hit up the gym next Sunday. This week will be easier than the week after it. I’ll be flying off to Walt Disney World on April 28th. So, the plan for that week is to run 3 times at Walt Disney World. I hope it all works out.

Tomorrow, I’ll start looking at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon course! Can’t wait to share my thoughts! See you then.

2 Replies to “Flying Through Week 16 of 2015”

  1. it sounds like you had a good week! I can’t wait to hear about the tink course because in all honesty it has been almost 16 months since the last one and I have run 28 races since then (including 15 rundisney races with 2 new courses for avengers and star wars). Also, when your posts are done, I will share them in the tinkerbell groups I am in!

    1. I did have a pretty good week! I hope these recaps come out well. It was fun to run over a different course!

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