I’m In for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge!

IMG_3823 It took a little longer than expected this morning. However, in spite of a little delay in the registration process, I’m officially in for the Inaugural Infinity Gauntlet Challenge during the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend this November!

Avengers Registration Confirmation

Come November, I’ll be taking on my third runDisney challenge of the year! When runDisney announced the Captain America 10K, how could I pass up the change to run in it? I mean, look at my costume from last year’s Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon race. I’m a big fan of Cap. Since I want to be a legacy runner for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon, I was already planning on running that race. So, if I’m going to run both, I might as well get an extra medal for it. Right? Captain America Winter Soldier I’m thinking of going with a Captain America: Winter Soldier look for the Captain America 10K. After all, I’ve got to do something different. I have no plans yet for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. Although, I’m thinking of running as a different Avenger for that race.


So, are any of you going to be joining me at the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon? Do you have costume ideas yet?

14 thoughts on “I’m In for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge!

  1. I’m running it too!! I’m so excited– it’s going to be the first 5K my brother and sister ever run (it took a lot of convincing) and after that my mom and I are running the Challenge too!! I can’t wait!!!

    1. I love hearing about all the families that run the runDisney races together. You’d better warn your brother and sister. These runDisney races get very addictive. My first 5K was the Neverland 5K in 2012 and I was hooked. Good luck to your mom and yourself as you prepare for the Challenge!

    1. I’m a bit surprised as well. The slower sales makes me feel like I could have taken my time when I registered. Oh well. Better fast and in the race I wanted to race than slow and missing out.

  2. I see my pic under friends that are running! haha.

    I am in for Infinity Gauntlet and pretty excited about it! My plan right now is dress as Agent Carter for the 10k and then Thor for the half! however I am holding off on officially committing to the half costume until I see the next movie in 2 weeks!

    1. Agent Carter? That will be awesome! I think someone needs to go as Quicksilver and they should be a back of the packer. That would be awesome! There are so many great characters in the Marvel universe. I loved seeing all the costumes from last year.

  3. I’m trying hard to resist. I cannot afford another trip to CA this year, but it’s hard since the challenge is not sold out yet, almost 24 hours later. I will be in for the second year of Star Wars, though.

    1. I totally understand the affordability factor. It’s why I haven’t run the Wine and Dine yet. I think the 2016 Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend could be legendary! I mean, it happens around a month after Episode VII opens in theaters!

  4. Why do you think the Half and the 5K are not selling as usual? Maybe the fact that we have more races at Disneyland now? Or maybe people just can’t afford it? I’m not doing it because of the latter. Hopefully I’ll get to do the Disneyland Half next year.

    1. I’m sure that there are multiple reasons why the Avengers Half Marathon Weekend races are selling slower. However, in comparison to the Rock n Roll Races, the Disney races are still selling really fast. Some theorize that runDisney taking away the Expedition Everest and Tower of Terror 10 Miler has something to do with it. However, neither of those races would allow someone to qualify for a Coast to Coast Medal. It could be that the high winds of 2014’s Avengers race have made it not so attractive. Or it could be that the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend in January stole some of the Avengers thunder. Last year, when they had sign ups for the Avengers race, Star Wars was just a rumor and no one knew for sure whether the Star Wars Half Marathon would be at Disneyland or at Walt Disney World. It also could be that having 4 half marathon weekends at Disneyland is the limit of what runDisney can stage. The slower sales of Tink and Avengers is interesting. However, I’m sure that runDisney is okay with it. Why? Because, they’re still selling out before any price increases. Most race directors would love to have that with their races.

  5. Was thinking of wearing my Captain America from last years Half for the Half this year and going as a USO girl for the 10K. I had thought of doing a different Avenger costume for the Half but I’m a big Steve Rogers fan and figure if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

    1. Sounds great! A USO girl? That could be pretty awesome! Since starting my new position at Disney in August, I’ve learned so much about the Marvel Universe. There are a lot of great characters. Thankfully, I’ve got time to figure it out. I’m a big Cap fan as well!

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