Finding Unspeakable Joy at All Times – Tuesday Tunes to Run With

Looking back over my blog posts, I realized that it’s been over 2 months since I had a Tuesday Tunes kind of blog post. I’m not sure if I’ve highlighted these two songs as part of other blog posts that were not specifically about music on my running playlist. So, if I have, I’m sorry for covering them again. My wife got me the Mandisa’s Overcomer CD for Christmas. As you all know I loved the song Overcomer. The CD was a part of a theme Brooke had for my Christmas presents. As I’ve listened to the CD, two songs jumped out at me as perfect songs to run with and have been playing on my playlist all year-long!

The first one is Joy Unspeakable. Right from the beginning of the song, you can tell that the tempo is perfect for running. The overall theme of Joy permeates throughout the lyrics. Happy lyrics combined with a pretty fast tempo makes for a perfect running song. As I’ve run with this song, it has brought me nothing but joy. Everyone has their thing that they look for in a running song. For me this song is the very definition of what I l really like. All I can say that this song had me grooving all the way through my 20 mile run and the Surf City USA Half Marathon.

At All Times is a song that I was on the fence about until recently. This song is not one that is as obvious. The tempo at the beginning is a little on the slow side (which is why it didn’t get on the playlist as quickly as Joy Unspeakable). This song actually ended up on my Surf City USA Half Marathon playlist sort of by mistake. It was a great and glorious mistake, as it turned out. This song played in the part of the race where everything was going good. However, the lyrics stuck with me through the rough last 3.5 miles. I will bless the Lord at all times. For a Christian, like myself, this song is full of lyrics that I need to remember each and every day. As a runner, it’s a fantastic reminder to thank God even in those runs or workouts that don’t go so well (and we all have them).

Again, I apologize if I’ve shared these songs previously. I know that I haven’t done a specific post to highlight them. Hopefully, they might give you a couple new songs to consider as you run all those miles. They’ve really helped me this year!

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