Disneyland’s 60th – Paint the Night Parade

On January 29th, Disneyland mad their official announcement of what they’re gong to be doing this year to celebrate their 60th year of being in operation. The video above gives you the information that you can also have found on the Disney Parks Blog, here. I’m not going to rehash what other bloggers have hashed out in looking at what Disneyland will be offering beginning May 22nd because I’m writing a few weeks after the big announcement. Instead, I’d like to show you the one part of this celebration that you can preview NOW! It’s the Paint the Night Parade that is currently running over at Hong Kong Disneyland and will be running at Disneyland (California) beginning this summer. Tom Bricker from The Disney Tourist Blog, has a great review (with stunning pictures…as usual) on his blog for this parade. You should read his review here. Y’all, this parade looks AMAZING! Check it out for yourself.

I love the main song of the parade and can’t wait to hear a purely English version! Even with the different language, it still sounds great! Tom Bricker calls this the Main Street Electrical Parade for a new generation and I couldn’t agree more. It’s really fun that they’ve incorporated the main theme of the Main Street Electrical Parade at parts of this new parade. After watching it on You Tube, I can’t wait to see it in person! This parade is visually stunning and is something that I hope will be in Disneyland for a long time to come.

So, if you took the time to watch this video, or have seen another video of the parade, what do you think? Can May 22nd get here soon enough? What is your favorite part? Mine is the Mickey float at the end. I really want to see that in person! Although, I love so much about what I saw that it’s hard to pick a favorite.

4 thoughts on “Disneyland’s 60th – Paint the Night Parade

  1. Thanks for the video! I was very skeptical because I grew up in the era of the Main St. Electrical Parade and I thought nothing would ever even come close to that. This looks like it does.

    1. I feel you Diane! I worked at Disneyland during the final year of the Main Street Electrical Parade. It was a real treat to see it again at the Magic Kingdom when I was there for the WDW Marathon. As cool as that was, I’m really excited to see this parade in person!

  2. I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I agree with Tom Bricker (who I FINALLY met at Dopey, we ran into him randomly) that this will be the new MSEP. Im excited for all of the 60th anniversary offerings and planning to join the crazy and go the first day it starts haha

    1. You met Tom Bricker? Wow!I’ve been following his blog for so many years that it would amazing to meet him and his wife! I can’t wait to see this parade in person!

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