What I’ll Be Wearing for the Star Wars 10K and Half Marathon

So, when I decide to dress up for a race, you’ve got to be practical. The 10K distance allows me to be a little more elaborate than running 13.1 miles allows for. Without further ado, here’s my race outfit for the Star Wars 10K…


If you’re wondering what the outfit is…


Luke Skywalker on Endor during Return of the Jedi. I’m still working out a hat to wear. I’ve still got today and tomorrow to figure that out.


One of my favorite scenes from the Star Wars movies was the speeder bike scene on Endor. So, I went with this Luke Skywalker look for the 10K. It’s a pretty easy race costume and shouldn’t get in the way too much for a 10K.


For the Star Wars Half Marathon, I’m going a little more practical. When you’ve got 13.1 miles to cover, you can’t go too far. I’ll have a moisture wicking white long-sleeved shirt. I’ve learned that if you have the moisture wicking shirt on underneath a cotton shirt, it works out pretty well.


Since I’ll be finishing the Rebel Challenge, I thought a shirt trying to recruit other Rebels out there would be pretty fun. Even though this isn’t really a costume, it is still keeping in theme with the race I’m running. I had thought of wearing the “I’m the Rebel Spy” shirt they sell at Star Trader in Tomorrowland. However, when I went, they didn’t have my size. Also, I wasn’t too thrilled with how the shirt looks. This shirt I’ll wear again.

There you have it folks. This is what I’ll be wearing at the races this weekend. What will you be wearing (if you’re racing)?

6 thoughts on “What I’ll Be Wearing for the Star Wars 10K and Half Marathon

  1. Great “thinking outside the box” idea…. of course non Star Wars junkies will not get it. They will be thinking, “Did I miss the weather forecast? Is it going to rain?” Love it!!!! Once again… Very Jealous!!!!!

  2. Great costume! My mom and I will be the walls of the trash compactor for the 10k. We made a big dianoga puppet to hold between us in pictures.

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