The Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Starts TOMORROW!

Are you excited? I know that I am. While there hasn’t been the same build up as we saw with the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon, here’s what’s been happening.Slide6

Due to the fact that the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend was going on, the folks at runDisney weren’t pimping out the new Star Wars Half Marathon until Monday. Then, we saw this tweet.


On Tuesday, we got this one with Boba Fett!

Courtesy of Star
Courtesy of Star

On Monday, we also got our preview of some of the merchandise that will be available at the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Health Expo. You can head on over to Star to see the official announcement.

Courtesy of Star
Courtesy of Star

Here’s a preview of the pins that will be sold in the runDisney official merchandise booth.

Courtesy of Star
Courtesy of Star

This is what the official Dooney bag will look like. As a guy, I’m not that interested in this item. However, I do have female readers that might be interested.

Image from Running At
Image from Running At

On January 6th, we got the official announcement for the 2015 runDisney New Balance shoe. Sarah, over at Running At Disney, gave full coverage here.  Personally, I was underwhelmed with the new shoe. However, others love this new addition. The cool thing, from my perspective, is that New Balance will also be selling the 2014 runDisney New Balance shoes as well. If you’d like to get your hands on either the 2015 or the 2014 runDisney New Balance shoes, be sure to head over to the New Balance Virtual Que, here.  Sign ups for the Star Wars Expo begins at 6am PDT (I am assuming it’s the time zone of California because the race is in California) tomorrow. So, be up early and register if you want those shoes. If you want more information about how the process works, click the link for the virtual queue and you’ll find a pretty good explanation.Slide1

Another thing you might want to consider is visiting the iGift Bag for the Star Wars Half Marathon. You will need the email address you provided runDisney with when you registered to get into the iGift Bag. One of the things you’ll want to sign up for is the Lasting Commemoratives book mark for this race. When you sign up, they will sent you a voucher which you will need to print out and bring to their booth at the Expo. It’s a free gift. So, don’t miss out!


I want to leave you with a few pieces of advice as you make your final preparations for the runDisney Health and Fitness Expo.

  • Make sure to print out your waivers BEFORE you leave for the Disneyland Resort. Click here, if you haven’t already printed out your waiver. Unlike previous races at Disneyland, you can no longer have someone pick up your race bib for you. Every runner must pick up their own bib. So, plan accordingly.
  • The Expo opens at 10am on Thursday. I would advise to try to arrive by 9am (maybe earlier) and get in line. There will be a line to get into the Expo early. So, if you want your best selection of merchandise, arrive early.
  • Speaking of official merchandise…if you really have your heart set on purchasing that “I Did It” shirt, I would advise that the official merchandise booth is the very first thing on your priority list. Don’t worry about getting your race bib first. Run Disney won’t run out of bibs or race shirts in your size. They will sell out of official merchandise. This is an inaugural year and it’s Star Wars.
  • If getting the official merchandise is not high on your list of priorities, then it doesn’t really matter too much when you arrive. Just remember that you must get your race bib the day before your first race. There are no race packet pick ups on race day.
  • At the Expo, there is a runDisney Instagram complimentary photo. The location is right behind the runDisney booth (not the official merchandise area, the booth).  The photos are fun and are another FREE item. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to meet Jeff Galloway, he usually hangs out around the runDisney booth.


Above all, have fun out there. The Expo is tons of fun. I’m planning on arriving early because I want that official merchandise. As for this blog, I’ll reveal my costume for the 10K and the half marathon.

Feel free to follow me on social media during the weekend.

twitter – @gloucks7

instagram – whyirundisney

I will be posting all weekend long. If you see me around, feel free to say “hello!” It’s fun to meet those who have been reading my ramblings. I know how weird it may seem. However, the run bloggers I’ve met are all super nice people. So, don’t be intimidated. Let’s all have some fun this weekend

Rebel Tweet Up

By the way, if you’re looking for a place where you might meet some runners and run bloggers, this is that place. Here’s what Linzie says of this tweet up…

Prizes prizes and more prizes! My good friends at@procompression and @theorangemud have been gracious enough to hook us up with some things to give you guys! Dani also has some fun thinks from Sparkly Soul, Shower Pill and the list keeps growing! Come on out! Tell a friend! Let’s#tweet! Let’s #instagram! #rundisney #starwarshalf#teamrundisney #pbrc #run #runner #social

As you can see, it might be worth it to check this out!

4 thoughts on “The Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Starts TOMORROW!

  1. Im barely recovered from Dopey but I am so excited and ready to run this weekend! I think I will have to check out one of the meetups if I am not too tired

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