First Look at the Star Wars Half Marathon Route – Leaving the Theme Parks


We leave the theme parks in the 5th mile and head down Harbor Blvd.


We head up Harbor Blvd. a little further up from the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon.


For the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon, they had a fun sign along the road. I wonder what they will have for the Star Wars Half Marathon.


It was at this intersection that we made a left turn for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. For Star Wars, we continue through. One thing to note, though, is that at this intersection on the way back, you’ll be about 2 miles from the finish. If you’re in the latter corrals, you might see others running the other way. You’ll be in the sixth mile here. They will be starting their 12th mile.


At Lampson and Harbor Blvd., is the 6 mile marker!


Harbor Blvd., will curve around close to Garden Grove Blvd. In this portion of the course, you’ll see lots of shops and restaurants. I also noticed several medical facilities. So, if you’re having problems physically, you might be in luck.


This Shell Gasoline station is where you’ll turn onto Garden Grove Blvd. So, when you see it, you should get ready to turn.


By the time you turn up Garden Grove Blvd., you might be able to see the 7 mile marker! More than half way through the race!


As you can see in this map, once you get on Garden Grove Blvd., the turns will come rather quickly. There are a lot of them in the 8th and 9th mile.


You’re not on Garden Grove Blvd. too long before you come to the next turn…9th Street. Here you will enter a residential area.


It’s a pretty nice residential area as you can see. It should interesting to see how many people come out to cheer us on.


This will be your next turn…Stanford Avenue. You’ll turn left.


This is what you’ll see when you turn onto Stanford.


There’s a nice park on your left.


and a High School on your right.


As you turn onto Euclid Street, you’ll see Civic Center Park. The area is really nice to run through.


See? This park is kind of cool.


The next turn…Acacia Parkway.


On the corner is Coast Community College and a satellite campus for Cal State Fullerton.


This is Acacia Parkway.


I’m not sure if we will turn up Main Street in Garden Grove. Two Main Streets in the Star Wars Course!


Be careful of the road that we will be on. It’s not running on sidewalks or walking on asphalt.


It’s a tiny little Main Street that should be fun to run down. When you get here, it’s a quick right back onto Garden Grove Blvd. for another block before you turn again.


This is the view on Garden Grove Blvd. at this point of the course.


When you see the Home Depot, it will be time to turn again onto Grove Avenue.


You’ll head up to the T in the road


Time for another turn.


When we get back to Main Street, we’ll turn again. (this is a guess)


We’ll run by another park.


At the point where Main Street joins Euclid, I saw this fun Christmas Tree. However, it won’t be there on Star Wars Half Marathon day.


Main Street becomes Euclid and we will take that up to Chapman Avenue.


We’re still in a pretty residential area as we head up Euclid.


I’ll take these streets over running the Disneyland Half Marathon any day.


By the time we get to this corner (Euclid and Chapman), we’ll be in the 10th Mile!


Here is the view up Chapman Avenue. On this street, we’ll cross the 10 mile marker and be a 5K away from the finish!


When you see this hotel, you will be very close to the 11 mile marker and the place where we will turn back onto Harbor Blvd.!


Can you feel it? The end is near!


We will turn at Chapman and Harbor Blvd. towards the Disneyland Resort and the finish of the race.


It’s about another mile until you get to the corner of Harbor Blvd. and Katella Avenue. Right around the corner is the 12 mile marker! Only 1.1 miles to go once you get to this point! The street portion of this race is very flat. If you lose time in the theme parks, know that you will have plenty of opportunity to make up for that lost time once you leave the theme parks. There are no overpasses and no discernible inclines outside of the theme parks. I have no idea what runDisney has in store for us entertainment-wise. However, I do prefer this portion off property to any of the other runDisney races at the Disneyland Resort. It’s going to be fun!

Come back tomorrow as I’ll finish off the course!

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