Taking a Virtual Trip to Walt Disney World at Christmas Time!

Since we’re so close to Christmas, I thought it would be a good idea to take a break from the usual virtual trips and check out the holiday celebrations happening at Walt Disney World today. On Christmas Day, we’ll head to my home theme park…Disneyland. Sound good?

Be prepared for a monster of a post. This one is long, y’all. However, I’ve tried to cover as much of the holidays at the Walt Disney World Resort as I possibly could. So, you might want to take this post in chunks. Here we go!

Welcome to the sights and sounds of the Holidays at the Magic Kingdom! I love this video for a good snap shot of what you will expect if you wandered around the Magic Kingdom in the daylight.

The one attraction that I’m aware of in the Magic Kingdom that gets all decked out for the holidays is the Jungle Cruise….or the Jingle Jungle Cruise. This isn’t your average Jungle Cruise. They’ve made some additions to make it themed for the holidays.

Like they do with Halloween, the Magic Kingdom has a special ticket event called Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party which guests can get the very best the Magic Kingdom has to offer at Christmas. The above video gives you some of the highlights.

One of those special events that are apart of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas is the Once Upon a Christmas Parade down Main Street U.S.A. After watching this video, I’m in awe of how beautiful it all is. With Cinderella’s Castle all lit up in the background, it’s simply breathtaking. I appreciate the use of multiple camera angles to cover this parade.

The festivities are not limited to Main Street U.S.A.! Here is a Totally Tomorrowland Christmas. I must warn that this show is very much geared towards the kiddos. It features Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazowski, and Stitch.

Another offering at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is Celebrate the Season Castle Show in front of Cinderella’s Castle. The show is so much fun!

New this year is A Frozen Holiday Wish which leads into the lighting of Cinderella’s Castle. Such a fun show that it can’t be missed. And in virtual trips we see everything. If you’re sick of all the Frozen themed things Disney is doing, you may want to skip this video, though.

Last up at the Magic Kingdom is Holiday Wishes fireworks. After all, no day or night at the Magic Kingdom is complete without fireworks. This fireworks show will absolutely get you in the Christmas spirit!

The Magic Kingdom is not the only place where you’ll find holiday cheer at Walt Disney World. This video gives you a small peek at what the holidays look like at EPCOT.

This video of German storyteller Helga is interesting. We’re continuing with the Christmas in Germany theme. If you’d like to hear about Christmas in Germany, check this video out! I know that I already shared this video on a previous virtual trip report. Since this is an all in one stop shop for the Christmas celebrations at Walt Disney World, I’m including it again.

Germany is not the only pavilion in the World Showcase to offer its traditions. Here is a video of Father Christmas in the UK Pavilion.

La Befana lets us in on Christmas in Italy.

Pere Noele tells about Christmas in France.

Sigrid and Julenissen tell us about Christmas in Norway.

Want to know what the holidays are like in Morocco? Check out this video to learn more.

The Three Kings tell us of Christmas in Mexico.

Here’s a fun show by the Canadian Holiday Voyageurs who bring us a show of music of the holidays around the world!

Over at the Biergarten in Germany, they have a special holiday themed show as well.

With all the holiday merriment, you just know that the Voices of Liberty would also have a holiday show at the American Pavilion.

I know that I’ve already covered this twice before, but the Candlelight Processional is not to be missed if you are at EPCOT. This is the entire show (not an easy thing to find for the EPCOT show) with Edward James Olmos as the guest narrator. Enjoy.

We close out EPCOT’s holidays with the Chirstmas tag at the end of Illuminations. Enjoy!

Next theme park on this marathon, runaway post is Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Frozen Snowground looks like fun!

There’s even a show that goes along with this Frozen area!

However, the highlight of Disney’s Hollywood Studios during the holidays is the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. There is no way a video will ever do this justice. On virtual trips, we are sometimes really limited.

The last theme park to cover is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here are some video highlights of Christmas at the Animal Kingdom.

The highlight of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade.

The holidays are not only celebrated in the theme parks, but at the resorts as well. Here are some of the highlights from the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. If I ever get out to Walt Disney World for Christmas, I must see the gingerbread house in person!

Disney’s Polynesian Resort also has Christmas decorations to see!

The Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge looks pretty festive as well!

Here’s Disney’s Wilderness Creek Lodge at Christmas! Don’t you just love how the resorts get all dressed up for the holidays?

Our last stop at Walt Disney World is Downtown Disney.

Because you’ve made it this far, I thought it would be fun to add this grand show from Disneyland Paris. It’s their Disney Dreams of Christmas show. Enjoy! I hope this post has brought a little of the holidays into your home!

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