Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Race Maps and Corral Assignments are Finally Here!

It’s finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The corral and waivers are up. You can find them here. I saw this post from Patty at My No Guilt Life this morning and the geeking out officially commenced. I thought that this information would arrive next week. However, it’s here early! So, let’s look at the particulars we have.


First up is the Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon Map. I have yet to study this map thoroughly. However, it’s an entirely different race course from the Disneyland Half Marathon, Tinker Bell Half Marathon, and Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. For a better view of the course, click here for the PDF that runDisney put out. You can enlarge or shrink the map to get a better idea of where we will be running. It looks like we’re going to get a pretty different portion in the theme parks as well! I’m running 15 miles today. In two weeks, I’ll run over as much of the course as I can and give you the low down on what to expect (just like I did with the Disneyland Half Marathon and Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon courses). Unlike those times, I’ll be covering quite more ground. So, I’ll be spending some time between now and Christmas figuring out how to make this journey into 17 miles (I am in training for the Los Angeles Marathon after all).

Star Wars Rebel Challenge Assignments

Here are the corral assignments for those who are doing the Star Wars Rebel Challenge like myself. I’ll be in corral C for this challenge!

Star Wars Half Marathon Assignments

Here are the assignments for those running the Star Wars Half Marathon without the challenge. As you can see, the time requirements is the same as the Star Wars Rebel Challenge. So, they’re using the half marathon time to seed the Rebel Challengers. It looks like this will be a smaller race than the Disneyland Half Marathon and Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. For those who don’t like crowding, this race may be a great match!


Here is the Star Wars 10K course. What do you guys think? It’s different from the Disneyland 10K course. Those of us who ran the Disneyland Half Marathon and/or the Avengers Half Marathon will know the finish to this race pretty well. Unlike the Disneyland 10K, we will not be running through Downtown Disney. However, it looks like we might get a little more time on Disney property with this race. I can’t wait to see how it goes! For a better image of this course, click here.

Star Wars 10K Assignments

If you’re running the Star Wars 10K without the Rebel Challenge, here are your corral assignments. I say “without the Rebel Challenge” because I’m confident that there will be some out there who run both the Star Wars 10K and the Star Wars Half Marathon without getting the extra bling. That’s what I did for the Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare in 2013.


The last map to share is the Star Wars 5K map. If the Star Wars 5K is your first 5K ever, or even your first runDisney 5K, it looks like you will be in for a real treat with this course. I’m not running this course. However, I want you all to be informed as well. There are no corral assignments for the runDisney 5K’s usually. That appears to be the case with the Star Wars 5K as well. For a larger image of this course, click here. By the way, if the Star Wars 5K is your first 5K, be excited about your race! I started running with the Neverland 5K in 2012 (also an inaugural race). Look what’s happened since. I’m training for my second marathon! You never know what will happen.

If you haven’t run a race for runDisney before, you may wonder how you can know your bib number. Click on the link above for the corrals and waivers. Fill in your last name and birthday. Then, click “search.” Your name, city, state, and event should show up. Under the “Waiver” column, click on “Print.” That will bring you to the waiver. Make sure to have the latest version of Adobe Viewer on your computer. I’ve noticed that, on my computer, the PDF’s work better using Internet Explorer. Your computer may be different. When the Waiver comes up, scroll down to the bottom of the second page. Below the signature section is your Name, City, State,  Bib Number, and Age on Race Day. (you will need to print this page out and sign it BEFORE you go to the Expo). Once you see your bib number, you can check it against the charts I have in this post.

The Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend starts one month from this coming Monday! I can’t wait! What do you think of your corral assignment? Are you happy with it? How about the race courses? Happy training y’all! May the Course (I mean the Force) be with you!

9 thoughts on “Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Race Maps and Corral Assignments are Finally Here!

  1. I’m so excited! I’m corral B for this race I think its interesting that this race is much smaller than the other ones and that they went back to the old corrals with large corrals of 2000-3000

    1. Congrats on being in Corral B! I’m really happy to be in Corral C! I’m hoping that the larger corrals doesn’t cause too many problems. We shall see!

    1. Since the Star Wars 5K – The Dark Side is a brand new race, I don’t have any information on the map of the 5K. Sorry about that. When the maps are released (probably in March 2016), I’ll make sure to let everyone know about them. I’m running the Star Wars Rebel Challenge out here at Disneyland in January. However, I will not be making the trip out to Orlando. Sometimes, you can’t run all the races. Have fun running in April!

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