Are You Thinking About Your Goals (or Resolutions) for 2015?

If you are thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2015, you may want to listen to the following video by Michael Hyatt. Some of the statistics are astonishing.

Did you know that 25 percent of people abandon their New Year’s Resolutions by the end of 1 week? Crazy.

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes on the 10 Mistakes People Make when Setting Goals

  1. People Do Not Write Their Goals Down
  2. They Create Too Many Goals
  3. They Only Focus on One Area of their Lives
  4. People Don’t Make their Goals Specific
  5. People Don’t Make their Goals Measurable
  6. They Don’t Assign a Due Date
  7. They Don’t Keep Them Visible
  8. People Don’t Stretch Outside their Comfort Zone
  9. They Don’t Make Their Goals Compelling
  10. They Don’t Identify the Next Action

Boy, can I relate to some of these mistakes. If you’ve got some goals in mind for 2015, I highly encourage you to listen to this video. It will challenge you and get you thinking about those goals in a little more depth. If you want more information surrounding this video, check out Michael Hyatt’s blog here. I’ve been reading Michael Hyatt’s blog off and on for a couple of years now. His blog has some awesome advice all over it. So, check it out. Best of all, Michael is a runner! His blog is not specifically about running in any way. However, he does talk about the benefits he gained from running his first half marathon.


If you want to feel like a winner, you have to take the time to fully develop your plan. Michael’s video has me really thinking about what I still need to do in order to be a success story. I’ve fallen off the weight loss wagon in large part because of many of these mistakes. As I process my goals for the upcoming year, I’m going to take Michael’s advice to heart as I come up with a plan for the new year. I’m sure that I won’t get to sharing those goals and plans until the end of this year or start of next year. I thought that others might get something out of this video, which is why I share it here. I think that a lot of what Michael shares can be applied to any areas of your life where you’re setting your goals…including running.

Can any of you relate to these mistakes? If you take the 30 minutes to watch the video, what did you think of it? I know that some of what’s shared feels a little generic. However, it is still good advice. I hope that someone out there will get something from this video that leads to a fantastic 2015!

2 thoughts on “Are You Thinking About Your Goals (or Resolutions) for 2015?

  1. love this! I work with students on this all the time-making their goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely). Definitely things to keep in mind while I think about my resolutions for 2015!

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