Avengers Week Recap


I smashed the half! The Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend is now in the books. There is so much I can’t wait to share on the blog about this experience! For today, let’s just look at Avengers Week…my best ever week of training on a race week!


After Monday’s rest day, I was out the door early again for another morning 3 mile run before work on Tuesday. Guess what? This was my best ever run before work! I finally finished in a time that was under 34 minutes! It wasn’t that long ago that I was celebrating my first sub 35 minute 3 mile run in a long time. So, it was a little shocking that I finally got under 34 minutes. This run started off better than I had ever done in the morning. I was just a little over 11 minutes for the first mile. I was just over 23 minutes at the end of the second mile. So, I could tell that I was on a fantastic run. As I switched to the 1:1 run/walk interval ratios for the third mile, I wondered exactly how fast I would be. By the time I got to 2.75 miles, I knew a sub 34 minute run was possible. So, I went for it! I ended with 1 minute run, 30 second walk, and less than a 30 second run to finish up. When I heard the “3 miles” come through the headphones, I checked quickly and saw that I was under 34 minutes! Happy days! What a great way to start off Avengers Week!


After Wednesday’s planned rest day, I was out for another run on Thursday morning. Honestly, I needed this run. In ever previous race week, I’ve missed training runs. For this week, I needed the extra run. I was running with new shoes that needed to be broken in before Avengers. I was testing out my Captain America hat that I wanted to wear in the race. So, I absolutely needed this run to happen. I was tired in the morning and almost didn’t go. However, I told myself to give it 20 minutes and see what happens. I call it the 20 minute rule. If I’m still wiped out after 20 minutes, I’ll cancel the run. With the exception of one time, I’ve made the run. I didn’t miss this one. For the first mile, the hat was bothering me and I thought that I might have to switch it out for the Avengers Half. Fortunately, in the second mile, it felt more comfortable. I guess I just needed to make the adjustment. I knew from the start that I was a little slower than I ran on Tuesday. However, I still finished under 35 minutes. That was more than okay with me. After all, it was the first time in my running history that I made two training runs on a race week! So, I was thrilled!


Friday, it was time for the Avengers Half Marathon Expo! I’ll cover this in more detail later. However, here are a few images from the Expo…


I got my bib number and was ready to run as Captain America!



I got to see my next runDisney medals in person! Rebel Challenge, here I come!


I met Andrea Barber…Kimmy Gibbler from Full House!


I got to chat a bit with Brian who writes the Pavement Runner Blog!


At the end of the day, I was ready to Smash the Half!


Sunday, it was time to run!


We ran through Cars Land


We ran by the Haunted Mansion with its Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday Overlay…


Mickey and Minnie kept us motivated to keep running!


There were some fun characters on the Santa Ana River Trail this time!


This was a windy, blustery day for a half marathon. The signs couldn’t stand the constant wind…


Even the Port-A-Potties were not immune from the forces of the wind.


However, in the end….



I was really happy with this race. The elements were insane. The wind was so powerful, I swore I was going to get knocked down by its power a couple of times. However, I endured to the end and ended up besting my 2014 Disneyland Half Marathon time by nearly 10 minutes! I was about 3 minutes slower than my runDisney PR from  the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon, but still very happy with the result. Some may disagree, but I loved this course and this whole event! In 2015, I’m thinking that this race will replace the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend for me. Can’t wait to assemble again for another Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon in 2015!

7 thoughts on “Avengers Week Recap

    1. She just may have! I can’t wait to see what the course for the Star Wars Half Marathon will look like. The Avengers course had a lot of the Disneyland Half course. So, I’ve got to wonder of Star Wars will have a lot of the Tink course. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

  1. great job recapping the training week! My training has been less than stellar with my sciatica making a comeback but who would have thought running the half yesterday would actually make me feel better?!?! Im bummed I did not see you before or during the race but I am glad that race is over. The wind was INSANE and in some parts even worse than the rain of Wine and Dine.

    and I agree with you-the course was a lot of fun and would have been better if the wind was not crazy. I am still in for Dumbo as I want to keep that legacy and it is the 10 year anniversary and my 5 year running anniversary!

    1. Sorry that we didn’t get to see each other this time out. I did look for you but didn’t see you. How did your boyfriend do with the race? I think you said this was going to be his first half.

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