Good Morning, Do Life Big!

While I’m sure that runDisney will announce the race medals for the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend today after I post this, I thought I’d take this day and share a couple songs that were added to my running playlist for the Long Beach Half Marathon that I’m loving right now.

Although I discovered this song after the last song I’m sharing today, I’m starting with it because it seems like the first song that should be presented. The mood of the song just fills me with happiness. It’s a great song for the start of your run…somewhere in the first mile or two. I have placed it right after this song….

This song by Mandisa that I believe I’ve featured before is the perfect compliment to Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace. Good Morning, Beautiful Day. It just works.Both songs are incredibly up beat…both in tempo and general vibe of the lyrics. Both songs talk of the start of a great day. They just work really well together. They also help put me in a good mood as I begin my run.

The third song for today is the first one I discovered from Jamie Grace. It’s called Do Life Big. Listen to the song. It’s got kind of a quirky vibe to the song. The song stays just fast enough to keep you groovin’ while out on your run. I love everything about this song! The vibe is so positive and fills my head with so many positive uplifting messages that I can’t help but feel good while listening. Not only that, but the title of the song alone is perfect for anyone attempting a new long distance run or going for a new PR. You’ve got to Do Life Big to accomplish your goals!

It’s been a while since I highlighted some of the songs playing in my ears as I run. I hope it was alright with you guys that I shared some of the new tracks on my playlist. Hopefully, they will set you in as good of a mood as they have for me.

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