Happy Halloween from Disneyland!

Last week, we checked out the Halloween celebrations at Walt Disney World. Now, it’s now time to head to my home theme park….Disneyland for their Halloween events. I love Fresh Baked Disney’s videos! This video is the perfect way to start our look at Halloween at Disneyland. The video closes with a ride on the special Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy. This is their special Halloween overlay.

This is part 3 of the Fresh Baked Disney video from the Mickey’s Halloween Party. Here, they visit the Big Thunder Ranch area for some candy and some meet-n-greets. I picked the video because it gives a good idea of what the atmosphere is like.

Not only are there fun meet-n-greets at Big Thunder Ranch, but you’ll also see some amazing pumpkins that have been carved by true artists.

The Cadaver Dans perform over the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Normally, they are the Dapper Dans. However, for Halloween, they turn into the Cadaver Dans. Love this show!

Here is something really interesting. This is the Disneyland Happy Haunts Tour, or at least part 1 of 3. It’s an extra fee to take the tour.Bear in mind that this video is not exactly the best. However, it gives you a taste of what you will encounter if you were to take the tour.

Here is the Silly Symphony Skeleton Dance short that was mentioned in the video. This is just for fun as you won’t see it on the tour.

And this is Trick or Treat….also mentioned on the tour.

Here is part 2 of the Happy Haunts Tour. This was filmed at night. So, you won’t get to see a whole lot. However, I love the story telling. I’m not going to include part 3 because it’s basically a ride through of the Haunted Mansion. We’ll get to that in a little bit.

One thing Disneyland does really well is the special holiday overlays. First up is Space Mountain Space Galaxy. It’s only available for the Halloween celebration at Disneyland. So, if you want to ride this attraction, you need to visit in October.

Think you know the Haunted Mansion? Think again. The Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion is a completely different attraction than the normal Haunted Mansion. It’s so fun to ride that, at times I wish that they had this version going all year-long. The cool thing, though, is that they can use if for BOTH Halloween AND Christmas. If you’re running the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon in November, be sure to check it out. Be warned, though, the lines get quite long. This is the only time of year that there are FastPasses for the Haunted Mansion. On virtual tours, we don’t need them. However, in person, you might.

By the way, check out this excellent, 1 hour documentary on the history of the Haunted Mansion. While this isn’t about the history of the special Nightmare Before Christmas overlay, it’s fascinating. If you’re a fan of the Haunted Mansion, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

Mickey’s Halloween Party Character Calvacade Parade is definitely different from the parade at the Magic Kingdom. This parade seems more focused on the costumes that are part of the Halloween celebration. If I’m being honest, I prefer the Magic Kingdom parade to the Disneyland one. After all, at the Magic Kingdom, you get the Headless Horseman.

We’ll finish out Halloween themed Virtual Visit to Disneyland with Halloween Screams Fireworks. I hope you enjoyed this virtual visit to Disneyland at Halloween. Next week, we’ll head off to EPCOT for a regularly scheduled virtual trip.

Happy Halloween!

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