Great Reading for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler Week!


So, this weekend, thousands of runners will convene at Walt Disney World to take on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler and 5K races. How cool is the race shirt? I seriously want one. Could someone decide to sponsor a trip out east for me this weekend and somehow get me a bib? Okay, I know that’s not gonna happen. But, I love this race shirt. While I will not be running this event, I want to highlight a few blogs that have all the information you will need if you are one of those thousands of runners who will be there.

When it comes to runDisney races, you should all head over to Sarah’s Running At Disney blog…aka the RAD blog. Click here for all the information you’ll need. Be RAD and check it out. Also, Didi recently hosted a blog hop on DISTherapy. Check it out here. Whenever Didi hosts a blog hop, there is always great blogs to read. One of my favorites from the blog hop is Kim’s blog on the characters on the course. Check out that blog here. This is great information because we all want to know where the characters will be on the course. That way, we can plan accordingly. Prioritize your list. Figure out which one character spot is totally important, not matter how long that line is. Also, figure out which character spots will be okay to miss. In her post, Kim has you covered for the races this weekend. There are other great blogs that cover all the bases of a runDisney race weekend on the DISTherapy blog hop. I’ve only highlighted one of them.

Disneyland Trip 113

It’s Halloween Time at all the Disney theme parks. Since the parks are in their Halloween celebrations, one attraction that gets larger crowds during this time is the Haunted Mansion. My friend David at Doom Buggy Runner, recently gave us some insight into one of the tricks used on the Haunted Mansion. It’s pretty interesting stuff. Check out his blog post here.


Last July, Brooke and I got to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum (you can read about it here – part 1 and part 2). David got to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum this year. Check out that blog post here. I’ve linked part 2, but, he has a link in it to part 1. If you’re a Disney fan, you owe it to yourself to visit the Family Museum at some point in your life.


I also want to highlight a few blog posts that deal with running specifically. Karen of Just Me and My Running Shoes blogged earlier this month about how to run in humidity. Check out that post here. While this week in Southern California has been a little cooler, we’ve experienced crazier levels of humidity this year than I can remember. I could have used this advice before I took on 12.5 miles in training for the Disneyland Half Marathon this summer. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have that advice and ended the run early because it was too much to deal with.


What shoes do you run in? While I don’t run in the runDisney New Balance shoes, some do. My running shoe is the Brooks Ravenna 4. I’ve running in them ever since I got serious about running. I’m coming to the end of the cycle for my current pair of shoes and have been thinking of trying a different shoe. I found this article at We Run Disney to be very interesting. Have you changed your shoe model or brand? What were the things that made the difference for you in making that decision? I’m asking for advice from you my readers. After reading the article about the Brooks Ravenna 5’s, I’m sort of rethinking my original plan. I was going to try the newer model. However, this article gave me pause to rethink before buying.

5 thoughts on “Great Reading for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler Week!

      1. Awesome thanks for the offer, I will keep that in mind. I tried at the Marathon and Disneyland to no avail. But then again I don’t do the waiting thing well either. 🙂

  1. I think the tower of terror merchandise is so great! I really want to run this race at some point but it’s tough as it is does not count towards Coast to Coast.

    I use my cinderella rundisney shoes to train in but don’t use them for races. I have a pair of Asics that I train in but I think they are getting a bit old so I may try and find another pair of Asics especially because signing up for the LA marathon, they give you a 2% off coupon to use online!

    My racing shoes are goMeb Speed2 Skechers- they are so lightweight and are awesome. When I race in them, I easily clock times 30-60 minutes faster than when wearing other shoes. The gomed speed3 are supposed to come out this Fall (he ran in the prototype when he won Boston!) so I can’t wait to buy those.

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