Now that the Disneyland Half is Over, What’s Next?


So, I’ve completed the Coast to Coast Challenge and the Dumbo Double Dare. At the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, I earned these medals…


Not bad for two days of racing. Right? Well, It was more like 3 days of racing. After all, to get the Coast to Coast medal, I ran the Walt Disney World Marathon. My racing calendar is not finished for 2014 yet.



Starting this week, I’ve begun an experiment to find out if runs in the morning will be my plan for the foreseeable future. The plan is to try this out for 3-4 weeks and make an evaluation at that point. This week, I came up with an idea of how evening runs might work with my current job. So, I’ll call that plan B. No matter what happens, I need to find a plan that works. I’m sure that the missed mid-week runs in August hurt me a little bit during the Disneyland Half Marathon. I’m trying to not worry too much about this plan this week. So, for September, I’ll be setting the goal of running on Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting at 6am. Then, I’ll hop on the long run schedule you can find on my training plan tab for this page to take me through the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon. The long runs will happen on Saturdays.


Another goal for the fall is to hit the gym again on Sundays. Without the back to back long runs that training for the Dumbo Double Dare called for, I really want to make this happen. I’m still doing some research on the best use of the gym for a runner.


My next race will be the Long Beach Half Marathon on October 12th. The Disneyland Half Marathon brought me my Coast to Coast extra medal.


At the Long Beach Half Marathon, I’ll be earning the Beach Cities Challenge medal. The picture was taken last year. So, it’s not exactly the medal I’ll earn. However, the medal for this year looks kind of similar. Plus, this is the 30th anniversary of the Long Beach Half Marathon. So, the finishers medal will be pretty cool.


Then, in November, I’ll be running the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon at Disneyland. It will be my third runDisney race for the year and I couldn’t be more excited to be running in it. After all, it’s the inaugural year for the race.


This is what the course looks like. I’m sure that runDisney will have a much nicer version of the map coming out soon. It’s a little different course than the Disneyland Half Marathon, but also has some of the same route. Once you get to Angel Stadium, it will be the exact same finish as the Disneyland Half Marathon. In each of my two attempts of the Disneyland Half Marathon, this stretch proved to be difficult. I hope that by the time I get to running the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon, I’ll be ready for this difficult stretch.

Lastly, the virtual Disney theme park trips will return next Friday. Since we’ve covered the Disneyland Resort virtually, it’s time to head east to Walt Disney World. We’ll start off by exploring the Magic Kingdom. I know that several of you have told me how much fun you had with my virtual Disneyland Resort trips. I hope you have just as much fun with the trips to Walt Disney World. I know I can’t wait to take the trip east (virtually of course)!

Oh, I can’t forget one of the funner things I’ll be doing the rest of the year…the Disneyland Candlelight Processional. I’ll be singing in the Disney Employee Choir for the 7th year this year. Rehearsals started Monday. I can’t wait to sing this wonderful show again at Disneyland the first weekend of December. If you’re a local and want to come out to support me, I usually sing in the first show on the first Saturday of December. So, mark your calendars now.

And now, as Buzz Lightyear says…To Infinity and Beyond! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! What are your plans for the Fall? Any big races in your future? Please share!


2 thoughts on “Now that the Disneyland Half is Over, What’s Next?

  1. Good luck on determining if the morning run schedule will work for you. I run at lunch on Mondays and early mornings on Thursday & Saturday. I can’t do evening runs otherwise I wouldn’t have the motivation. I’d talk myself out of runs. When I first started running in 2010, and did runs when I got home, I found I miffed on May of my runs. Running with others helps also! So how’d your run go today? We did 8 miles. Still super humid here, so we were soaked. I can’t wait for your WDW virtual tours! Did you see they are redoing Norway and the Malstrom ride to a Frozen theme? I have mixed feelings about that. Have a great weekend. I’m still trying to get some rest and recovery from the jet lag!

  2. I had thought of doing 8 miles this morning. However, I had a rough night with sleep and had to sleep in an hour. So, it was 6 miles instead. There was 4 miles on the calendar. So, I still view it as a good thing. At the end of 6 miles, it was getting too warm for my liking. Since I was near my apartment, I ended the run at 6 miles. It’s going to be in triple digits all weekend long and into next week. Isn’t it supposed to be fall?

    I did read about the new Frozen attraction going to Norway. They also replaced the Snow White mural above the Studio Theatre with a new mural of Anna and Elsa. Apparently, Frozen is the new Snow White to the Walt Disney Company. I may have to find a way to get out to New York, when they open the Frozen musical on Broadway. No, I haven’t heard anything official about this. However, you just know it’s coming.

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