Let the Disneyland Half Marathon Festivities Begin!



It’s here! The Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend starts today with the Expo! All week-long, runDisney has been sending out tweets to get our excitement up (as if we really needed it).


It all started Sunday, with the above info graphic. I wonder if runDisney planned to have 10,000 runners in the 10K race. I can’t wait to run the half marathon with 18,000 of my closest friends! This graphic is pretty interesting.

Dumbo Double Dare I Did It Shirt

On Monday, they let us get a sneak peek at some of the official merchandise that will be sold at the Expo. Above is the Dumbo Double Dare “I Did It!” shirt. I’m not a big fan of grey shirts. So, I’m probably passing on this shirt this year. Even though, it will be my first time as an official Dumbo Double Dare runner, I’m not a fan of the shirt.

Disneyland Half Marathon I Did It Shirt

However, the Disneyland Half Marathon “I Did It!” shirt is pretty cool! Last year, I skipped this shirt because it was grey and opted for the Dumbo Double Dare “I Did It!” shirt. This year will be the opposite (if I can get one).

Disneyland Half Marathon Mickey Green

I also like this shirt. Okay, the green isn’t the best. However, I love the Mickey Mouse on it. So, I’ll have to make sure it fits in the budget before purchasing.

Disneyland Half Marathon Mickey Blue

The other shirt isn’t bad either. I’m a fan of the blue.


On Tuesday, runDisney released what the race shirts will look like. Above is the Disneyland 5K shirt. So, if you’re running the 5K on Friday, this will be your shirt. Again, I’m not a fan of the grey.


I will be the proud owner of all three of these shirts. Just like last year, I think that the Disneyland 10K shirt is the best one of the bunch.

Star Wars Half Training Slide

Okay, there’s a lot of Disneyland Half Marathon on the brain right now. However, there are other runDisney races out there. On Tuesday, runDisney also released the training programs for those who are running in the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend. If you’re running these races, you can find your training programs below….

Star Wars Rebel Challenge

Star Wars Half Marathon (for Experienced Runners with a goal of Time Improvement)

Star Wars Half Marathon (for Experienced Runners with a goal of finishing in the upright position)

Star Wars Half Marathon (for Beginner Runners)

Star Wars 10K

The training plan for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge and Star Wars Half Marathon starts on September 9th. The Star Wars 10K plan starts September 23rd.


Today is the day all the fun at Disneyland begins. I’ll be heading down so I can be at the Expo when it opens. I will be posting pictures to Instagram and Twitter all weekend long. I’ll also be signing up for runner tracking to post my times on my Twitter feed. So, be sure to follow me on…

Twitter – gloucks7

Instagram – whyirundisney

If you’re going to be at the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend and see me around, please come up and say “hi!” I’d love to meet those of you who actually take the time to read my ramblings and fellow runDisney runners. If you’re new to the whole runDisney thing and this is your first ever runDisney event, don’t be afraid to talk to all the random strangers who you’ll be running with.


Oh, and did I mention??? Today is my birthday! What a great day for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend to begin!


The training is over and the medals await! Go out there and make the races your victory lap!

One thought on “Let the Disneyland Half Marathon Festivities Begin!

  1. So excited for this weekend-cant wait to head down to Anaheim today! And happy belated birthday to my fellow birthday twin! I hope you had a good day and that I run into this weekend

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