Finalizing my Disneyland Half Marathon Playlist – Part 2

Although, I know there are lots of new runDisney information floating around this week, I wanted to finish up my running playlist for the Disneyland Half Marathon today. Tomorrow, I’ll post some of the newest runDisney things happening. The Disneyland Half Marathon Expo starts TOMORROW! I can’t wait! When I left off yesterday, it was at the half way mark of the half marathon.

21. You Can’t Stop the Beat – The title alone says what I want to be thinking during this difficult and somewhat boring stretch of the Disneyland Half Marathon. The energy in this song never really drops. It has served me well in training.

22. Happy – This will be the track that takes me past the 7 mile marker and start my 8th mile. I love me some minions and this song does make me Happy.

23. What is Love – Keeping the party going with this fun track from the Rio 2 sound track.

24. Jump, Jive and Wail – This starts my 2 song set of swing music. Somewhere during this set, I will come upon the car show. I thought…classic cars…classic music. Some of the cars will be from this era, I’m sure.

25. Rock this Town – Song number 2 from the Brian Setzer Orchestra…by the end of this track, I’ll be into the 9th mile and in the parking lot of the Honda Center!

26. Noise – I love running to this Colton Dixon track! It should be a song that takes me through the rest of the parking lot of the Honda Center and onto the Santa Ana River Trail.

27. Declaration by David Cook

28. Catch My Breath – By the end of this song, I will need to catch my breath before heading into the parking lot of Angel Stadium.

29. I’m on a Roll – This fun song should take me into my favorite part of the Disneyland Half Marathon…running through Angel Stadium.

30. Gonna Fly Now – Que the Rocky music to play while I’m running in the stadium…

31. It’s Good to be Us – This Bucky Covington track seems more fitting for football than the baseball stadium. However, it’s sports themed and fun.

32. High School Musical – Since I’ll be out of the stadium by the time this track pops up, I’ll need a reminder of those good ol’ high school days.  This track will almost get me to the 10 mile marker!

33. Eye on It – This Toby Mac track is perfect to start off the next rough stretch of the half marathon. This is the part of the half marathon route that I just wanted the whole thing to be over. The time at Angel Stadium was awesome. However, once you start on the 11th mile, the adrenaline is gone. So, I really need to get focused on finishing strong…keep my eye on the prize…or finishers medal.

34. Unstoppable – This is the second song on my tobyMac block of music to help get me all the way to the end of the 12th mile! Because it was so difficult for me last year on this part, I know that I will need all the energy Toby can give me. So, the next few tracks are that block.

35. Funky Jesus Music

36. Tonight

37. Get Back Up Again – the first song in the 12th mile. I may need the reminder this song gives to keep me going.

38. Show Stopper

39. Diverse City

40. The Slam

41. Overcomer – This Mandisa track had been my anthem in my running journey ever since she released the single. I placed it here because it will be the first song in the 13th and final mile. The words of this song are so powerful and always seem to help me focus on what’s important. The tiredness I may feel will need the distraction of the words in this track.

42. Rolling in the Deep – Not sure why, but I love running to this track! I had this track going towards the end of the Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon last year when I set my half marathon PR. It probably won’t be a PR I’m heading for. However, I’m hoping that this song and the two that follow (which were the final tracks on that half marathon) will bring back good memories from that race. If I’m still on pace to finish in 2 hours, 55 minutes, I will be very happy with this track.

43. Closer to the Edge – I love the way James Durbin sang this song and it was part of my last three tracks from my half marathon PR.

44. Edge of Glory – I know that Lady Gaga sang this. However, I’ll be listening to the Glee Cast. It’s fitting that this song is at the end of mile 13. I will truly be on the edge of glory if I’m still on pace to finish in my goal time.

45. This is How it Feels to be Free – This track has been a warm up track for many of my training runs. However, on long runs at the beach, it’s been part of my runs. So, I know I can run with it. Okay, in my mind, I want to be crossing the finish line when the chorus starts. The first line of the chorus is “This is how it feels to be free!” Wouldn’t that be the perfect ending to a race where you hit your goal? I think so.  The end of this track is 2 hours, 58 minutes, 10 seconds. So, a secondary goal is to finish before this track finishes. If I do, I will still beat my Disneyland Half Marathon time from a year ago…setting a runDisney half marathon PR.

46. Let it Go (Idina Manzel) – Okay, if I’m slightly off, I’ve thrown in this track to remind me to let go of my disappointment. This track finishes at 3 hours, 1 minute, 54 seconds. I need to finish before this track finishes. If I do manage to beat my time from last year, this track will be perfect to savor the moment before heading to get my medals.


There you have it…my entire play list for the Disneyland Half Marathon along with my thoughts about the order. As you can see, I did put a lot of thought into this list. The choice to run with or without music is entirely yours. I learned last year that I need the music. All of the tracks in my list have been awesome to run with. Fantasmic only works in this list because it’s at the beginning. Other tracks could be changed up a little and still work. If you were looking for a track at the last-minute, I hope that my list could help you out.

Have a fantastic race weekend everyone who is running! If you see me during the events of the weekend, please come up and say hello. It’s always fun to meet fellow runDisney peeps! If you want to follow along, you can follow me on Instagram (whyirundisney) or on Twitter (gloucks7). The Disneyland Half Marathon events starts tomorrow!

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