One Week from TODAY the Madness Begins!


One week from today the madness of the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo begins! Can you believe it? We’re only a week away from all the craziness. Hopefully, it won’t be as crazy as last year.


The official runDisney merch area was insane. People were just grab, grab, grabbing and figuring out whether they would actually purchase the items they grabbed afterwards. The line to get into the expo formed early. It took me at least a half hour to get in. Once I did, I made a bee-line to the merch area. I knew that the merchandise I wanted would be gone quickly. What I wasn’t prepared for is the insanely long line to purchase the merchandise. It took me nearly 2 hours (yes, I said 2 hours) to get to the registers to make my purchases. Of course, I made the most of it by chatting with others around me in line. Runners come from all over to the runDisney races. So, if you’re in a crazy long line, chat with those around you. After all, misery loves company.


After the long line to make my runDisney merchandise purchases, I went down stairs to get my bib and had more lines. Although, I wasn’t nearly as stressed here. After all, I had been able to purchase what I wanted in the runDisney merchandise area. I knew my bib would be there. Also, runDisney has never had a problem getting me the size race shirt I selected when registering. So, even though I had to wait, it was okay.


I’m sure some of you out there will be trying to get your hands on the runDisney New Balance shoes.


I got mine at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend! So, I won’t be worried about getting them in a week.


Just in case you forgot what the 2014 runDisney New Balance shoes looked like.


Last year, they had all the new medals out on display at the runDisney booth. Hopefully, they will have that new Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon medal out on display!


In less than a week and a half, I’ll be getting my first Coast to Coast medal! I can’t wait. Be on the look out for an email or tweet from runDisney with pictures of the merchandise that they will be selling at the Disneyland Half Marathon. It should be arriving any day now! For those running the Disneyland Half Marathon races…it’s almost time!


Dumbo, I’m commin’!

2 thoughts on “One Week from TODAY the Madness Begins!

  1. Ok – I am officially freaking out about the whole merchandise thing. I am driving down and will arrive roughly the time it opens on Thursday. I know to head to the merchandise first but I have an irrational fear that everything will be gone by the time I get in. I remember for tink in 2013 I wasn’t able to get anything [this was before i realized how crazy it was and just thought they weren’t selling much stuff at the expo]… Am I being super ridiculous? I mean they will have the expo for 3 days so they have to have stuff to get them through the first two days, right?! Freaking out!
    Good luck – my training has been crap this year too and we’ve had no heat in Northern California so I am sure I am going to be dying. Did you decide on costumes?! I am surprised I haven’t seen a post… [unless I missed it]

    1. Last year, I got to the Expo line about 15 minutes early and had to wait to get in. I think that if you get to the expo in the first couple hours, you should be able to get what you want. I don’t think I got into line to purchase my merchandise until around an hour or so after the expo opened and it seemed like they still had plenty of merchandise. There might have been limited sizes. However, I think there was still plenty of options a couple hours later when I finally made it to the front. Just keep your eyes peeled and grab quick when you see something you may want. Last year, it was grab, grab, grab and figure out what you want after. Don’t freak out too much. The merchandise doesn’t sell out as fast as the races. Also, keep in mind that people will grab things they later decide not to buy. So, look all over the merch area before giving up. Your desired item may get placed somewhere it shouldn’t be.

      Good luck! Hopefully, the Expo won’t be as crazy as last year.

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