New Job Torpedoes Week 15 of Dumbo Double Dare Training


All week-long, I could have used one of these and I don’t even drink alcohol. However, a new job absolutely killed my week workout wise. Let me explain something I feel okay saying now that I’m in this new position. My previous job with Disney had a lot of down time. That gave me plenty of time to do a lot of other things while at work. My new job is the complete opposite. There is so much to do that downtime feels like a thing of the past. This is good and helps the day go by faster. However, it’s been a complete shock to the system and I was reeling all week-long. Even though this was a bad week for workouts, it was a good week otherwise. Let’s look back…


On Monday, after my first day at the new job, I headed out to Dodgers Stadium to see the Angels and Dodgers.


We had amazing seats for the game! My father in law’s law firm has season seats that are in row O right behind home plate on the field level.


We were so close to the action! Here’s Cole Calhoun crossing home to score the first run of the game!


Mike Trout in action!


Albert Pujols lined out on this pitch.


Josh Hamilton homered to score the final run of the game!


The Angels won 5-0! Garret Richards pitched a 5 hit, complete game shutout. Go Halos!


I felt so completely wiped out after work all week-long. So, the planned workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday did not happen. Here’s the thing about this new job. Because I’m working with pretty much no down time, it takes away the time I used to have for a dinner before leaving work on my workout days. So, with no dinner, I was trying to figure out how this would all work out. I wasn’t successful at that. On Thursday, my boss and I decided to change my work schedule this week and that might help me out. It’s a new position in a different department. So, we’re still trying to figure out how this will all work. My new work times mean that I get home earlier. That should help me make my scheduled runs this week.


On Friday, my wife and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary by taking a weekend trip to Carlsbad, California. We love it there! I got us a room with a beach view. Pretty cool. Don’t you think?


We discovered Carlsbad a few years ago when Brooke babysat a couple kids that were in her class. Their parents had this beach front house and paid for us to stay at a different hotel to babysit the kids. Ever since we’ve been hooked. As luck would have it, that family was at their Carlsbad vacation house on Friday. So, we went over to say hello right around sunset.


It was a beautiful sunset!


After that, it was off to Las Olas, our favorite Mexican restaurant in Carlsbad for our 5th Anniversary dinner. The food was amazing as usual We finished off the nigh by watching our wedding DVD from 5 years ago. Good times!


Saturday began with breakfast by the beach! Oh how I wish I could do this on a regular basis! It wasn’t the typical pre-run meal. However, it was included in the price we paid for the room.


A little after breakfast, Brooke and I took off for a 4 mile run along the beach.


There were stunning views throughout the run!




It wasn’t entirely flat as there were a few little hills like this one.


However, I loved the scenery throughout.


It was slower time than I would have liked. However, I think I got too distracted with the awesome views. Also, because Carlsbad is so far away, I know I won’t get to run here often. So, I was kind of taking it all in and enjoying the experience as much as I could.


How could you be too upset when you get to look out at the Pacific Ocean? I loved running at Carlsbad Beach so much!


Later in the day, we made our way out to the water. After all, you can’t be staying this close to the beach and not at least walk in the water. Right?


See? Feet in the ocean!


Although, we didn’t go out too far.


After dinner at Jay’s, amazing shrimp parmesan, we made our way to our favorite place in Carlsbad…the Chocolate Bar.


Not the healthiest options. However, we were on vacation.


Unfortunately, the clouds covered the sunset. Oh well.


Sunday was our last morning in Carlsbad. It was so sad to give up this amazing view. You know, Disney needs to move their studio down to the Carlsbad area so I can move there. I really wanted to get up early enough for a morning run. However, without the alarm clock, that didn’t happen.


On the way back to Pasadena, we had to stop here for some lunch. Gotta love the Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney! I’m less than three weeks from staying at the Disneyland Hotel! Can’t wait! However, for the week, as you see, there was almost no running and no workouts. That was a bummer. I’m really hopeful that with the new work times this week, I can reverse that. Also, I’m hopeful that in the second week of this new job, I’ll feel more acclimated to the demands of the job and that will help as well.

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, the new job also has changed the time I have to commit to this blog. So, I’m posting late evening (on the West Coast) as opposed to during the work day. If I end up with some missed days this week or next week, please bear with me.


By the way, runDisney also revealed the medals for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend this past week, What do you all think? I love the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon medal myself. Can’t wait to assemble with the other runners for this fantastic event!

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4 comments on “New Job Torpedoes Week 15 of Dumbo Double Dare Training
  1. Happy anniversary to y’all! Congrats! See you in less than 3 weeks now.. Excitement abounds!

  2. DarlinRae says:

    Happy anniversary! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend 🙂

  3. I used to be an after work exerciser and when my schedule got wonky, I started to work out in the morning before work. While it did take a bit getting used to the early mornings (and early bed times) I find that I love working out in the morning. It is done and I don’t have to think about it the rest of the day. I get so tired through the day that I just talk myself out of it after work. Another bonus is that you run when it’s cooler outside. A big plus during the summer months. Hope you get your running grove back soon with the new job!

    Also, I the Avenger medals. Very classy half medal. Can’t wait to get that hanging on my wall.

  4. Juliana says:

    Happy anniversary!

    And I feel ya on the crazy-I’m starting my doctoral program now as well as about to switch jobs and it’s all so hectic. Just trying to run for my sanity so I can do well at Dumbo.

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