Get Your Kicks on Route 66 or in Cars Land

Welcome to Cars Land, or Radiator Springs! Whatever you wish to call it, this is the crown jewel of Disney California Adventure.

As you can see the Imagineers have truly outdone themselves with the details of Cars Land. Walking down the main strip of Cars Land feels like you’ve walked right into the first Cars movie. Doesn’t it?

Not only does Cars Land sparkle in the daylight hours, but at nighttime as well. If you’ve never visited Cars Land, I highly suggest visiting at both the daylight and nighttime hours.

As you enter through the side that has the big Welcome to Cars Land billboard, the first attraction is Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. This is my wife’s favorite attraction in Cars Land. The wait times are usually short and the music is so much fun!

I love this video and it’s a perfect follow-up to Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. The video starts with exiting Mater’s and moves to show you what’s at Philmore’s. This is the health food snacks. After all Philmore was the hippie who preached natural gasoline. Then, the video moves to Sarge’s Surplus Hut. This is the first retail store in Cars Land and the merchandise is completely themed to cars. You will find that the merchandise will be different if you went today to Sarge’s because the merchandise does change from time to time. I would say that Sarge’s Surplus Hut is more geared towards the kids.

Once you exit Sarge’s, you come to where the restrooms are located and an area for sitting. Then, the video takes you around the Cozy Cones Motel. The commentator in the video is not all that enamored with puns. I agree with him, though that the Cozy Cones Motel is a fun place to walk around and notice the little touches. If you’re willing to wait in line, you can even meet with Lightning McQueen and Mater!

Up next is a tour through Flo’s V8 Café. I disagree with the host of the video and think that the food at Flo’s is pretty good. I do agree with him, though in that view of Radiator Spring Racers is pretty cool! This video also shows that both Mater and Lighting McQueen will make their way past Flo’s as they head off to the Cozy Cones Motel. The video ends by going through another retail shop called Radiator Springs Curios.

Next up is Luigi’s Flying Tires. This is the second attraction in Cars Land. This video is more reminiscent of the way the attraction was when it first opened. Sadly, the large beach balls are gone now. The queue line is so much fun with this attraction! There are lots of really cool details to look at. Although, I must confess that parts of the queue line are not very interesting. The wait times can get really long. On a hot summer day, you might not want to wait for this attraction. However, on a virtual trip, we have all the time in the world! One thing missing from the virtual experience is the feeling of the air blowing up to keep the tires flying.

In between Flo’s V-8 Café and Luigi’s Flying Tires, there is this little show called DJ’s Dance N Drive. As you can see, it’s a silly little show. There’s nothing much to it. On the virtual tour, we do everything. So, this show is included here. However, it’s not exactly a must do kind of show.

Ramon’s Body Art Gift Shop is the last retail store in Cars Land to explore. What I really like about Cars Land is that it’s a place where you can purchase truly unique items to this part of Disney California Adventure. You won’t find very much that is not themed to Cars in Cars Land. I like that. So, if you want Cars themed merchandise, be sure to purchase that in this land. It might not be anywhere else.

Last up, is the best thing in Cars Land…the Radiator Springs Racers! This is my favorite attraction in all of Disney California Adventure! It’s so much fun! In this video, the car went to Ramon’s Body Shop for a paint job. There is another possibility in this part where you go to Luigi’s Tires for a fresh set of tires (as you can see at the end of the video). The cars are randomly selected for who wins. So, it doesn’t matter which side your car starts the race. Sometimes one side will win and sometimes the other. By the way, you’ll know if you won by which car moves forward at the very end first.

Here is the Radiator Springs Racers at night. This video shows you going through Luigi’s Tires. I’ve never experienced this attraction at night before. It looks like it might be even more fun at night! The wait times for this attraction can soar to over 2 hours. This is what I love about the virtual tours…no lines to wait in! I hope you had fun exploring Radiator Springs…aka Cars Land…virtually with me.

If you ever get to stop by, I highly suggest that you spend some time walking around and taking in all the little details of this land. For example, notice that the main strip is paved really nice because Lightning McQueen had to re-pave the road in Cars. Also, at the end of that road, in the intersection, the stop light is blinking yellow, just like in the movie. The details the Imagineers put into this land make it a gem. So, when you visit in real life, make sure to take it all in.

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