Independence Day Fireworks at the Disney Theme Parks

I don’t know how it is at Walt Disney World, but Independence Day (July 4th) is one of the two busiest days of the year for Disneyland (along with New Year’s Eve). So, rather than braving the crazy crowds for the special Independence Day fireworks shows, thanks to the wonders of technology, we can enjoy them on You Tube.

For my money, this show is vastly superior to the current Magical show Disneyland has going on for the summer.

Apparently, the Magic Kingdom has the same music with some slightly different fireworks.

Over at Disney California Adventure they add a pre-show to the World of Color to celebrate Independence Day. I absolutely love this addition. In case you’re wondering, they do have the normal World of Color show right after this pre-show. Over the years that World of Color has been around, it’s been fun to watch how Disney can change things up around the show.

World of Color puts an Independence Day tag before the normal show, Illuminations at EPCOT puts an Independence Day tag at the end of theirs. After watching, this just may be my favorite of the Independence Day shows! I like that the show is with unique music compared with the others and that some of the fireworks are shot off from behind the American Adventure in EPCOT with others coming from a more normal spot. Very cool tag!

I think that if I were to be at the Walt Disney World Resort for the 4th of July, I would choose to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Why? They normally don’t have fireworks. This show is not typical for a 4th of July fireworks show. There are no patriotic songs in the entire set. Instead, they chose to celebrate the United States of America with American Rock n Roll music. So, if you’re not from the USofA and like Rock n Roll music, this might be the best of the bunch for you.

Sadly, there are no fireworks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. So, I thought I’d throw in the special fireworks at Disneyland Paris for Bastille Day. It’s nice to know that Disney doesn’t limit their special fireworks to the North American theme parks. I really enjoyed this fireworks show! It makes me wish I could go off to Paris. Oh to dream!

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    As a certified pyro technician and Disney fan, check out my friends post of all the various Disney July 4th shows. I have fireworks shows the next 3 days. Next week I hope to have a few posts from the shows.

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