Lovin’ My Yurbuds! #neverstop


I’ve only finished 2 runs with my new Yurbuds Focus and can’t help but sing their praises. To think that I bought these out of necessity last week is kind of crazy.


I had been running with Sony MDR-G45 headphones for quite sometime. They have worked really well for me over the years. After experimenting with so many different kinds of head phones while exercising (from before I took up running), nothing seemed to work. So, when I found the Sony headphones, I was pretty jazzed about them. However, that was until last week when I thought I needed to purchase a new set of headphones. I could have gone back to what I’ve been using. However, since I’ve plugged myself into the running community, I’ve heard many runners rave about their Yurbuds. So, when I was at Target all set to buy a new pair of Sony headphones, and saw the various Yurbuds, it caused me to think a little about what I would purchase next. Since money doesn’t grow on trees, I played it conservative with the pair of Yurbuds I purchased. They were only $8 more expensive than the Sony ones I’ve been using. So, I decided to take a chance. I’m glad I did.

photo 5

I’ve got to admit that the packaging is what first caught my eye. Two times on the front of the box it mentions that they never fall out. With the various brands of earphones I’ve tried that fit right into your ear, I’ve yet to find one that actually stayed in. That’s why I went with something like the Sony’s in the first place. I needed something that would stay out-of-the-way while running without falling out.


As you can see, they do come in a couple different colors. I got the black ones. They are also available for both men and women.


For those interested in the more technical details, this is what the Yurbuds web side says. The first thing mentioned is their Twistlock Technology. How does that work?

While this video shows you how it works, I can testify that it does work. In my two runs, I’ve had zero issues with this over the ear product falling out. The Yurbuds also worked quite well in my gym workout this past Sunday.

Another feature mentioned is Sweat and Water Resistance. While I haven’t used these in rainy conditions or in the water, I can attest that they hold up well even while you’re sweating out those miles on the road or hitting up the gym. Again, everything stays in place and works well.


Now, it’s great that the headphones don’t fall out while working out or running. However, if the sound quality is bad, does it really matter if the headphones stay in your ears? Well, I can safely say that the sound quality is pretty great in my new headphones. I love that I don’t have to crank the volume up to its highest level in order to hear the music well. Compared with my previous headphones, these ones are amazing! There might be music tech people who will have a much more detailed explanation than myself. However, for my money these headphones deliver what I need while I’m out pounding out the miles on the road. Since the ear pieces stay in your ears, there is very little to take away from the quality of the music coming out of your MP3 player.

Lastly, not only do I love these headphones because they stay in your ears (even while working up a great sweat) and deliver pretty good sound quality, but, they also are super light! My old headphones weren’t super heavy. However, these headphones feel like there’s nothing there at all. During my runs, I’ve had a few times where I’ve put my hands up to the headphones just to make sure they were still there. I love that these headphones operate without feeling they are present. Not only that, but they also don’t hurt my ears. The irritation that some headphones give are why I stopped using them. So far, these headphones have not irritated my ears at all.

Bottom line is that I love these new headphones and would highly recommend them to anyone. If you go to their web page, you will find that they have lots of different options available. I understand that everyone is different in their needs. I so wish that I could just use the ear buds that came with my iPhone. However, those kinds of headphones fall out of my ears. I need something that goes over the ear and holds the ear piece in place. Yurbuds gets an A+ in that regards from me. If you don’t like the over the ear pieces, Yurbuds has other options. They even have wireless pieces! Also, there are many different price points. So, if you’re budget conscious, like me, there are options that will work well for you. If you want the best technology has to offer, you will find those are available as well. Yurbuds was developed by athletes for athletes.

If you listen to music or podcasts while running, what headphones do you use?

I purchased Yurbuds on my own based on comments I had heard from other runners. So, I was not compensated in any way for this review. As always, the opinions I express are mine and mine alone.

3 thoughts on “Lovin’ My Yurbuds! #neverstop

  1. This is a great post! My boyfriend is getting ready to officially start his training for avengers and has been having slight issues with his apple iPod headphones and was thinking of buying new ones so I will definitely recommend these to him

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