Starting 2015 by Running In the Star Wars Rebel Challenge! I’m In!


Did you feel that? At 11:04am PDT/1:04pm EDT, the Star Wars Half Marathon Races were completely sold out. A great disturbance in the force indeed.

Forget light speed. These races sold out in ludicrous speed. First to go was the Star Wars Rebel Challenge. That sold out in 26 minutes. That’s right…26 MINUTES! Run Disney sent out a tweet that the Star Wars Rebel Challenge was at 50% of capacity only 8 minutes after registration opened. The next tweet had the Rebel Challenge at 75% full in 14 minutes. Then, at 9:26am here on the west coast the tweet came that the Star Wars Rebel Challenge was officially SOLD OUT! The Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare challenge at the Disneyland Half Marathon last year sold out in 50 minutes. This year, the Dumbo Double Dare sold out in 43 minutes. These challenge races are selling out quicker and quicker. As I followed along with twitter and on Facebook, it felt very much like the above clip from Spaceballs. Thankfully, as of 9:04am….

I’m in for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge!


After getting registered for myself, I went to register my wife for the Star Wars 10K….

Uh, oh…there was no option to register for the 10K by itself. On the couple Facebook groups I’m in that are runDisney oriented, others were also worried. Was the 10K already sold out? What was going on? Well, there was some sort of problem and runDisney was quick to send out a tweet notifying us that they were working on it. So, we had to wait. Then…


Finally, the tweet came from runDisney that the issue had been solved! Hooray! Of course, the folks at the Team #runDisney Facebook group actually beat runDisney in letting us know the link was active a few minutes before runDisney. (Seriously, if you haven’t joined this Facebook group and are a runDisney fan, you should join today!) So, I was able to get my wife registered for the Star Wars 10K! Now, we get to run together again!


I told you all that this race would sell out fast. However, I didn’t know it would sell out this fast. Let’s look at the sell out times…

  • Star Wars Rebel Challenge – 26 minutes
  • Star Wars Kids Races – 41 minutes
  • Star Wars 5K – 67 minutes
  • Star Wars 10K – 101 minutes
  • Star Wars Half Marathon – 124 minutes

So, in just over 2 hours, ALL of the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend races were gone! Did you get in? If not, there are two other options for racing during the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend.


For now, I’m happy to be registered for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge and that my wife gets to run with me in the Star Wars 10K! With that, I get a nice break from runDisney registrations. I don’t plan on registering for another runDisney race until the 2015 Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon registration opens (probably in March or April of 2014). Of course, now that I’m set for the Star Wars Half Marathon races and have the change to be perfect with the Rebel Challenge, if I don’t like the experience at the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon, I could opt to run the Dumbo Double Dare again next year. I love that runDisney has added the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon and Star Wars Half Marathon races to the already existing Tinker Bell Half Marathon and Disneyland Half Marathon races! It gives this West Coast guy so many options! I love it!

Upcoming runDisney registration dates…

  • Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World (with Glass Slipper Challenge) – July 15, 2014
  • Tinker Bell Half Marathon at Disneyland – August 12, 2014

Keep in mind that if you register for BOTH the Princess Half Marathon and Tinker Bell Half Marathon in the same year, you can choose a special Coast to Coast Medal that is only available to those that complete these two races in the same calendar year.


So, are you in for any of the Star Wars Half Marathon Races in 2015? For those that got in and those that didn’t…May the Force be with Us All in whatever races we are preparing to run.

8 thoughts on “Starting 2015 by Running In the Star Wars Rebel Challenge! I’m In!

  1. so excited for the Rebel Challenge! Have you thought about costumes yet? (early but it is so fun to plan!)

    and now comes my big decision-to go to for Glass Slipper again or not? I do love the pink coast to coast! decisions, decisions!

    1. As you might be able to tell, I’m pretty excited for the Rebel Challenge as well. In the way too early to hold me to it category…I’m thinking of a Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight from Return of the Jedi Luke for the 10K. I haven’t made up my mind on the half marathon yet. Of course, weather will play a role as well. How about you?

      If you can do the Dopey Challenge and Rebel Challenge back to back, the Glass Slipper Challenge shouldn’t cause you too much worry. The only thing to figure out is if you can make it out to WDW in January and February. Good luck with that decision.

  2. Squeee!!! I was able to register for the Rebel Challenge last week, so excited! I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes!

    One of these days, I’ll have to attempt a Coast-to-Coast – the bling is too tempting, LOL!

    1. Awesome! It’s going to be a fun weekend for sure! I’m getting my first Coast to Coast medal at the Disneyland Half Marathon this year. So, with the Dumbo Double Dare, I’ll end up with 4 medals that weekend! Can’t wait! If you can afford the trip to WDW, I highly recommend going. The races at WDW are a different kind of thing. I loved Marathon Weekend! If money were no object, I’d go every year. Of course, if money were no object, I’d be running all of the runDisney races. However, that’s another story.

    1. Thanks Karen! I’m glad I made it in as well! I think the Disneyland Races fill up quicker than the WDW races because of smaller capacity. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. However, the WDW races are also selling out much quicker these days. Yesterday was quite a rush.

  3. How exciting, it’s going to be an epic weekend. Sadly, we can’t swing a trip to CA, so I’ll be spectating from home #FloridaProblems but I can’t wait to see all the costumes and fun treats! Have a blast!

    1. I feel you on not being able to make the cross country trip. I know I’ll feel the same come Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend. I loved running in the Walt Disney World Marathon this year. However, it costs too much to fly across the country from Los Angeles for me to do this every year. Someone needs to invent that money tree and let me in on it soon.

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