Why Do You Run?

Happy National Running Day!


Last year, I had no idea this day existed until it happened. This year, I’ve got plenty to celebrate. Since the last National Running Day, I’ve become a Marathon Finisher!


The biggest thing I’ve gained out of running is watching goals I once thought were impossible become possible. I’ve detailed my running journey here. Of course, that didn’t take me all the way to my first full marathon. In that journey, I had thoughts of running a marathon, but never thought I’d actually do one. Back then, I had thought that if I ever did a full marathon, it would the Los Angeles Marathon. So, while I didn’t go that one first, I loved my first marathon experience so much that I’m already dreaming of finally running the Los Angeles Marathon next year!

So, why do I love running? The above video captures some of that. I love being apart of this wonderful community of runners.

Team Run Disney Meet Up

We all come from different places in life but have this bond of conquering distances that seem impossible until they aren’t.


Whether you’re 2014 Boston Marathon Men’s Champion Meb….


Or a back of the pack-er like me…


When you cross that finish line, it’s a moment of victory. Whether it’s a 5K, 10K, 10 miler, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon, we’re all running the same ground. For most who will run in a race, the goal is not to win the race, but simply to finish the race (and if all possible to do it faster than we did the last time).


However, even when you can’t finish faster, there’s still a feeling of victory from just finishing. In those races, or training runs, where the speed just isn’t there, we try to enjoy the mere fact that we can run at all.


Running at the beach has been my favorite place to run. Yes, as much as I love running through Disney theme parks, nothing beats the feel of the ocean breeze or being able to look out at the Pacific Ocean while I’m running along….pounding out each and every mile. Even when I had the miserable failure of a 20 mile training run at Huntington Beach, there were moments of pure joy. I also love that any failure can be redeemed as I saw a few weeks after this 20 mile failure with my 23 mile training run. Each and every run presents an opportunity to be better, worse, or the same as other runs. However, over time, watching the progress is pretty amazing.


Of course, sometimes I run to get more bling!


Hollywood Bling….


Surf Board Bling…


Disney Bling….


Even Star Wars Bling…although, I’m sure the runDisney Star Wars bling will be cooler than this, I still love this finishers medal.


It’s unfortunate for me that National Running Day came on a Wednesday because I won’t get to participate with a run today. I’m not a morning person at all and have a choir practice this evening after work. However, I did put in 3 miles last night! It was a rough run, but I finished. Last year, I registered for the Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon on the National Running Day. This year, because I’m saving my money to register for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge next Tuesday, I can’t. So, my participation in National Running Day 2014 will be taking a moment to reflect on why I’ve fallen in love with this sport.

Why do YOU run? Did you get to participate in the pre-registration for the Star Wars Half Marathon races today? I heard that the Rebel Challenge sold out of their pre-registration spots in 9 minutes! Yikes! Did you take advantage of the special savings with the Rock n Roll Marathon Series races today? Have you run already today? Or are you planning on running today? If so, how did it go?

5 thoughts on “Why Do You Run?

    1. I feel ya! I really wanted to run the Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half, but that Star Wars Rebel Challenge is taking money away from that. There’s always next year. Right?

  1. I convinced my cousin to sign up for LA rock n roll today after we had both signed up for Rebel Challenge!

    also, some of the rock n roll races are a good deal with the discount! the Nashville marathon is 75 bucks! one year, one year…

    1. I hope I get in to the Rebel Challenge next week. The Rock n Roll Nashville is a race I want to do some year. I graduated from Belmont University in Nashville. So, I’d love to have a reason to go back to Music City USA.

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