What Does the Star Wars Half Marathon Mean to My Plans?


While I would love to run ALL the races. The reality of life is that I simply cannot afford to do so. Each race comes with a registration fee. The Star Wars Half Marathon and Star Wars Rebel Challenge races have theirs as well….

  • The Star Wars Rebel Challenge (Half Marathon and 10K) – $320
  • The Star Wars Half Marathon – $195
  • The Star Wars 10K – $105
  • The Star Wars 5K – $70

I didn’t get into price increases because these races WILL sell out before the end of day 1. Therefore, the price increases runDisney posts are kind of meaningless. I’m planning on signing up for the Star Wars Rebel Challenge. That’s $320 before the extra fees Active likes to attach and add to your registration fee.


If only it were as easy to get the money for these race fees as this. Since it’s not, I’ve got decisions to make.


When the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon was announced, I had to cancel my plans to run the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon (which is this weekend). Now that the Star Wars Half Marathon has been announced, I will be skipping the Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon this year. So, the two runDisney races have canceled my plans at getting this medal this year…


I’m okay with that. The only other half marathon on my calendar that I haven’t registered for yet (but will register for soon) is the Long Beach Half Marathon.


Cancelling the Long Beach Half Marathon means I won’t get this medal. Since I’ve already finished the Surf City USA Half Marathon


and endured my worst half marathon at the OC Half Marathon


I am not going to cancel the last race required for that awesome Beach Cities Challenge medal by skipping the Long Beach Half Marathon. Plus, it’s the 30th anniversary of this race. So, the finishing medal will be a special one. It sucks that I will not be returning to the race where my current half marathon PR was set (Rock n Roll Los Angeles). However, I want to run the Star Wars Half Marathon more. So, a decision has been made to skip out on the Rock n Roll races in favor of the runDisney new races (Avengers and Star Wars).


Another race that I’ll be skipping as a result of these new runDisney races at Disneyland? The 2015 Dumbo Double Dare. For me, the Star Wars Rebel Challenge will replace the Dumbo Double Dare challenge. This decision could change if I don’t like the experience at the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon this November. I love the idea of running through Angels Stadium at the Disneyland Half Marathon. However the idea of paying $835 on three runDisney races for 2015 is just too much. If I do choose to run in any of the Disneyland Half Marathon races in 2015, it will most likely be the Disneyland 10K. I absolutely LOVE that course!


Come June 10th, I’ll be signing up for the Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland. For those of you who are doing the same…are you having to make the choice to skip other races in order to be at the Star Wars Half Marathon?  Or do you just say…


By the way, in addition to discussing the ramifications of another runDisney race, I had thought of discussing the reactions of the runDisney community to this new race. However, Patty over at My No Guilt Life, beat me to it. You should read her post from today. I could echo her sentiments in this post or link you to her post and chose the latter. Of course, she has the choice about whether or not to tackle the Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge the weekend before the Star Wars Half Marathon races or defer to the following year. Thankfully, I don’t have that decision to make. Now, if someone could just tell me where the money tree is located, I wouldn’t have to make decisions about which races to run in. I could do them all!

18 thoughts on “What Does the Star Wars Half Marathon Mean to My Plans?

  1. Right now, I am registered to do the Disneyland Half Marathon and will be getting my first Coast-to-Coast medal since I did the Disney Marathon! (YAY!) I also registered for the Disney World Half Marathon to kick off my 2015 races! Now I am torn between all of the new races.

    I am so happy that the Tinker Bell Half Marathon was moved to May, because I’m not a fan of back-to-back weekends of racing! Do I want to stay in Florida for the Princess or head to California for Tinker Bell?! Oh the dilemma! So many races, so little funds! 😉

    1. I hear you on the so many races, so little funds. Preach it! I’m also getting my first Coast to Coast medal at the Disneyland Half Marathon this year after doing my very first full marathon at Walt Disney World in January! Congrats on the marathon!

  2. Seriously, but good decision! In 2015 I have decided ONLY to runDisney. It helps that I have a roommate (Perfectly Goofy Gail) and an ownership in DVC.

    1. Kim, you and Gail are amazing! I wish that I could do all the runDisney races like you ladies. Hmmm…DVC Ownership. I might have to think about that. Good luck to you in your many races. I love reading the recaps!

  3. RunDisney is trying to kill me! I am currently signed up for the Avengers Half, but was going to defer it because it might be too much with W&D and Goofy. But NOW I think I HAVE to do it this year because if I defer, that means Star Wars has to wait until 2017 (I can’t fly to CA twice in 2 months), and, well, yeah, that ain’t happening. Why can’t I just win lotto?!?!

    1. These decisions are tough, I know. Maybe, I need to play lotto? I understand how expensive it is to fly to the races. The Walt Disney World Marathon was so expensive for me. I loved going and the Marathon was probably my favorite runDisney race. However, I just can’t afford the pay to go to Florida every year. I need a money tree.

  4. Currently I’m signed up and still running: culver city 10k, dumbo, rock n roll La (I signed up for 65 bucks and gunning for a fast PR), wine and dine, avengers, dopey and rebel. I also plan on signing up for the dodgers 5k (it includes a ticket voucher!), turkey trot 5k and 10k and Christmas 10k (all training runs).

    I really want to do glass slipper again since I want the pink coast to coast again. But something’s gotta give! I have a month to decide (and in that time I should be getting a new job making a bit more) and hopefully won’t be sad with my decision.

    I’m so excited for all of the Disneyland races and I want to keep my perfect status in all of them but we will see!

    1. There’s a Dodgers 5K? I might have to do some investigating about that one. I’ve done the Angels 5K for the past 3 years. It might be nice to add running through Dodgers Stadium to the list of places I’ve run. I do know there is a Half Marathon and 5K associated with the San Francisco Giants as well. It would be fun to say I’ve run on the field of a lot of stadiums. Hmmmm.

      Good luck with your decisions. I’m kind of bummed that I won’t be running the Rock n Roll Los Angeles this year. However, to give it up to run the Star Wars Rebel Challenge kind of softens the blow.

  5. I think you made wise decisions, you cannot pass up on Inaugural Avengers and Star Wars. Being on the East Coast and coming out for the Disneyland Half in August, this pretty much rules me out for Star Wars, which I have to say, sucks! I really wanted that inaugural medal! Oh well the life of a runner and the race decisions we have to make. Take lots of pictures and I will vicariously through you!

    1. Sorry you can’t make it out for the Inaugural Star Wars Half. However, I totally understand why. I wish I could make it out for the Goofy Challenge in 2015, but can’t. So, let’s make a deal…you take lots of pictures during Goofy and I’ll take them for Star Wars. Deal?

  6. Ack! I hate making choices like this- but looks like we need to, right?! I think this DDD will be my last- I much prefer racing in January and with Star Wars as the theme than in Sept. So I’m ok with that decision. But I did love those courses. Sigh. Such a first world problem to have to make these choices. lol

    1. I hear ya. Since I’m a local, I could always just register for the Disneyland 10K if I really wanted to. After all, I love that course! However, this year’s DDD might be my only official DDD. Last year, I did the races without the extra bling.

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