Dealing with Disney Parks Withdrawl by Catching Up on Disney News

My last visit to a Disney theme park was the day after the Walt Disney World Marathon back on January 13th of this year.


Has it only been a little more than 2 months? It feels longer. Of course, I will survive. However, when Disneyland is a mere 45 minutes from home, 2 months can feel like an eternity. Is anyone with me on this? No? Yes? Well, as I head into another Disney parks-less weekend, I thought I take some time to update y’all with some of the happenings at Disney.

Earlier this month, the Festival of Fantasy Parade made its debut at the Magic Kingdom. After watching the You Tube video, it looks like a really fun parade…complete with fire breathing dragon. My favorite float is the Peter Pan one. This parade clearly celebrates Walt Disney Animation Movies. It looks like the overwhelming success of Frozen is bringing the focus back to what originally brought the Walt Disney Company into existence…their animated studio. Only ONE Pixar movie is involved in this parade…Brave. This parade has me wishing I lived closer to Florida to see it in person.

Out here at Disneyland, this past week, Big Thunder Mountain re-opened after being shut down for more than a year. Reports I’ve seen have been very positive. So, if you’re a Big Thunder Mountain fan…good news! Your attraction is up and going again!


Also at the Disneyland Resort, Starbucks opened its doors at Downtown Disney in Anaheim. With that complete, no matter where you are at the Disneyland Resort, a Starbucks will be close by. With more information about this particular location, please visit There are more pictures like the above in the article.

In other Disney news…who’s excited for the upcoming Captain America Winter Soldier, releasing on April 4th? I know I am! On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter gave the film good marks! The Hollywood Half Marathon starts and finishes on Hollywood Blvd., at the Hollywood and Highland Complex. The El Capitan Theatre is right there. So, I may  have to take in the movie at the El Capitan after the half marathon. Hmmm…


This past week, Disney had their shareholder meeting. At it, came some big announcements. You can read all the details in this Hollywood Reporter article.  First, we got a glimpse of what is going on with Star Wars Episode VII. The upcoming film will take place 30 years after Return of the Jedi ended, allowing for us to see much older versions of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leiah and Han Solo. Filming will begin this May! Also, in the same article we learn that Pixar is planning on releasing a third Cars movie and a second Incredibles movie!

I’m sure that most of you have probably seen this video by now. It’s popping up all over social media. I love the creativity of people and Let it Go seems to have taken on a life of its own. Not only is the song huge, but this week, the release of Frozen on Blu-Ray and DVD is setting records. In its first day of release, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Frozen sold  3.2 million units! I’m sure it’s not a total surprise, but the Frozen soundtrack is currently the number 1 album in America!

Oh, and there’s also this little movie, Muppets Most Wanted, opening today in theatres. So, get out there and check out the newest Muppets adventure!

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