3 thoughts on “The Joy of Finishing a Disney Race

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Am I ever unhappy? Absolutely. Am I unhappy through an entire run? Not really. Each run has its ups and downs. In training for the WDW Marathon, those 20+ mile training runs had moments of pain, loneliness, tears and joy. Even in the races there are ebbs and flows. During the Disneyland Half, I was so frustrated in the theme parks because of the walkers who would spread across the road and make it hard to run around. I can’t tell you how many of my run intervals got cut short because of walkers I couldn’t get around. Also, I didn’t like running up Ball Road into the sun. However, I loved running through Angel Stadium. Then, I was bummed to watch my goal time at the DL half slip away from me. But, then, I saw my wife at the end of mile 12 and that perked me up again. No matter how bad a race gets, seeing the finish line ALWAYS makes me happy!

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