Get Back Up and Play that Funky Jesus Music Because We’re All In this Together

I’ve highlighted this song before as a song from my playlist. So, why highlight it again? Well, on both of my treadmill runs this past weekend, this song got me over a desire to stop running. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve learned that running on a treadmill is not as fun as running outside. After two weekends in a row of trying it out, I’m done with the treadmill for a while. On Saturday, for some strange reason, I wasn’t feeling it at all during the second mile. Get Back Up by tobyMac was all I needed to make it to the end of mile 2 and left me feeling okay about entering mile 3. It was the perfect distraction. Same thing on Sunday. Only on Sunday, I debated over what I would do with my time at the gym. I could have just done a regular gym workout. Instead, I just had to finish my 11 miles. Get Back Up is a great song for when you’re not feeling it. It’s also great for when you’re tired and want to quit. This song always helps me dig a little deeper and find new strength to keep on running. Sorry for the repeat. However, it was such a great song for me this past weekend that I thought it was worth a repeat.

I can’t remember if I’ve featured this song before. However, Funky Jesus Music is another song that helped me through my treadmill miles this weekend. It’s just a fun, bring in the party kind of song. It’s not a song that takes itself too seriously. I chose this You Tube clip because it captures the party vibe of the song really well. When I run to this song, most of the time, it just brings joy and fun. When we’re putting in those long miles, I think we need some songs like this to make the miles feel fun…even if they aren’t fun. Funky Jesus Music is only one of the songs on my list that serve this purpose. Over the weekend, it distracted me for a mile or two from the boredom that is treadmill running.

Since I’ve done at least one repeat, I thought I should throw in one of my Disney songs. We’re All In this Together is a little on the slow side for me when running. So, it’s somewhere towards the end of my list for half marathon running. However, it makes a fantastic song while on the elliptical machine. In a way, the message of the song is fitting for the running comunity…We’re All in this Together. All of us are running the same path during those races and there is a spirit of comraderie on the race course that is inspiring. We all want to see our fellow runners finish the race. Unless you’re an elite runner, you’re not going to win the race anyways. So, the goal for most of us is to finish and finish feeling strong. Some races we’re shooting for a PR. Others, we just want to have fun. However, we all want to finish and want to see our fellow runners finish the race as well.  I know that the song may be  cheesy for some. I like it because of its message….We’re all in this together. Aren’t we?

Speaking of Disney, I thought I’d close today’s post out with letting y’all know (if you didn’t already know) that today is the day that registration opens for the 2014 Wine and Dine Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. You can register for this race by clicking here. Registration opened about 2 hours ago and is already 62% full. So, if you want to run in this night-time half marathon, register quickly. The Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend takes place on November 8-9, 2014 at Walt Disney World. What makes this race unique to the runDisney offerings is that it is held at night. Yes. The Wine and Dine Half Marathon starts at 10pm. So, to those of you who are used to getting your run on in the early hours of the morning, this will be a total challenge. After all, some of you are in bed before this race would start normally. Also, unlike the other Walt Disney World runDisney half marathons, this one does not run through the Magic Kingdom. After the half marathon is an all night party at EPCOT. After the park is shut down to regular guests, it is open to the runners after they finish. From race reports I’ve read, it sounds like tons of fun. Unfortunately, I cannot run in this one. However, if you’d like to see what this race is all about, check out some of the following race reports…

There are many others I could highlight. However, I think the ones linked above will give you a fantastic feel for what the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend is all about. Since Orlando is so far away for me, I won’t be able to make it out for this event. However, I would love to one day run in the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. Last year, I sat by my computer and watched many of the runners I follow on Twitter as they made their way through the course. If this race looks like something you might want to do, I’d highly encourage you to just sign up.

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