Runners Assemble for the New Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon at Disneyland!

The rumors have been swirling around the internet since the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend this year of an Avengers themed half marathon at the Disneyland Resort. Today, runDisney made it official. There will be a new half marathon weekend at the Disneyland Resort! So, Runners Assemble for the Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon at the Disneyland Resort November 14-16, 2014. Here is the official runDisney announcement

Something feels … different. There’s an electricity in the air; the kind of energy you feel at the starting line of a race. What started with a simple chalk drawing and rumor has grown in anticipation and excitement. The wait is over. A new race weekend is here. But what? Where? When? Watch the video below and decide if you will answer the call to Assemble! Join the Avengers team of Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Tony Stark for the Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend at the Disneyland® Resort November 14-16, 2014. This new race weekend will feature a Half Marathon, 5K and Kids Races, and yes, it will be eligible for the Coast-to-Coast Challenge, bringing a long-awaited Fall event to the West Coast.

Tell us who you’d run as on Twitter, and join us on Facebook for race weekend updates. Most importantly, sign-up for the runDisney email to be notified when registration goes on sale March 25 at Noon ET.

We look forward to watching your team assemble for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend!

What say you readers? Will you be running at Disneyland this November in the Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon? If so, get those check books out or get your credit cards ready for a big charge. Someone on the Team #runDisney Face Book group I’m apart of has a screen capture of the prices. Here they are…


For a complete breakdown of the event, head on over to the runDisney web site, or click here. The Avengers Super Heroes 5K will take place on November 15, 2014 and The Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon will take place November 16, 2014. I love The Avengers and all of those Marvel movies (even the ones Disney does not own). So, you know I’ve got to find the money to register. Now, the big question is whom should I run as???


I’ve already raced as Captain America. So, that might be fun. Or….


Maybe Iron Man? Hmmm…decisions, decisions, decisions. It really doesn’t matter that much right now. All that I need to think about now is finding the money to register. With this being an Inaugural event, I may find myself making this my runDisney race to participate in every year. I love The Avengers and I love the idea of being perfect by racing this race every year. Running in this race this year will mean that I will have run in 3 runDisney events by year’s end. I also thought that I saw somewhere that The Avengers Super Heroes will be out on the race course!


Whether or not you like this idea, I’m really happy to see runDisney finally add another race out on the west coast. Since I live out here, it gives me more options. What say you readers? Are you in? Are you on the fence? Or are you out? I’d love to hear what you all think. #smashthehalf

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