Happy New Year from Pasadena!


Happy 2014 everyone! I made sure to get this new year off to a fantastic start with a fun 6 mile run. My normal 3 mile loop around Pasadena takes me a block away from the Rose Parade. So, I decided to take a little detour today and make some stops along the parade route.


It was a beautiful morning to run! The street I live off is close to Colorado Boulevard, where the Rose Parade was going on. So, there were way more cars parked on the street than usual.


The Goodyear Blimp was out covering the parade.


At 2.5 miles, I took a break to check out the Rose Parade. I got there in time to watch the Michigan State University float go by.


Then the Michigan State University Marching Band followed. Michigan State University will be playing in the Rose Bowl this afternoon as the representative from the Big 10 Conference.


I got a text from some of my friends who were out taking in the parade. They were a block away. So, I walked up the block to see them and watch some of the parade with them as well.


We got to see the host marching band…the Pasadena City College Honor Band. Since I just recently got my Paralegal Certificate from Pasadena City College, I’m not sure if I’m alum or not. However, it’s always fun to watch the host band!


Here’s the float from Trader Joe’s.


I’m not sure who sponsored this float. However, it was one of my favorites (of the ones I got to see).


I was trying to figure out if these guys in the back were actual people in costumes or animatronics.


Then, it was time for the Stanford University float. The Rose Bowl game will be Stanford University vs. Michigan State University.


The Stanford band is always crazy.


After seeing Stanford University’s band, I heard that a few other friends were just up the street. So, I went off to meet up with them. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic with them. However, we did get to see The Voice float with the winner on it.


After bidding my friends adieu, I went back to running. Since I knew I wouldn’t get back to this point of my route until after the parade was over and didn’t want to deal with the herds of people who follow, I altered my route a bit. By the time I got to Lake Avenue, I decided to back to the parade route for some more parade fun. I got here after finishing 4.5 miles. This was my favorite float from that point.


This selfie actually came out better on the computer than it looked on the phone.


This is the float I was attempting to get in the background.


Remember how I was altering my route to avoid the crowds at the end of the Rose Parade? Well, I didn’t avoid them after all. I found this around the end of mile 5. Let the herds descend upon Pasadena. That made my last mile rather interesting. The walking crow just took over the street for a block. So, I ran in the street to get around some of it. Forget the regular intervals. I ran when I could and walked when I had too many walkers to get around.


It was one of the more fun training runs ever! This might be as close to a Disney kind of run that I will get without actually doing one. There was plenty to distract. I made a few stops along the way. So, it was most definitely not the fastest run for me. That’s fine. Sometimes you just need to find some elements of fun. Either way, I got in a good 6 miles, plus some uncounted distance walking up and down the Rose Parade route to find friends. So, it wasn’t a bad way to kick off 2014. The wife and I will be heading down to Downtown Disney in a few hours to purchase the final piece of my wife’s running outfit for the WDW 10K. Then, we’ll head off to see some friends down in the OC for a New Year’s pool party. Yes, it’s in the 80’s out here on New Years Day. So, its perfect pool weather.

2013 was the year that I became a runner. I can’t wait to see all that 2014 has in store for me. With the holidays concluding, there is nothing to distract from final preparations for the Walt Disney World Marathon! Bring it on! I want to send my best wishes to all of you for a prosperous, healthy new year filled with lots of Disney magic and many new PR’s!

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