Running with Christmas Music Is Pure Awesomeness!

Last night represented several firsts for me. It was the first time that I did a training run (or any run for that matter) outside in the month of December. When I ran 6 miles last Tuesday, it was on a treadmill. All other December workouts all happened at a gym. The temps were cold for Southern California when I started (57 degrees). I was going to check at the end of the run to see if it dropped but completely forgot. Like other cold runs, I was feeling the coldness for about a mile. Then, I was fine the rest of the way. However, I loved running in the cooler temps! The second first for me was running with Christmas music in my ears.

I loved, loved, loved running with Christmas music as my soundtrack! The first song on that list?

If you’ve been following along, you know that I love the music of Toby Mac. So, I set out to listen to his Christmas in Diverse City (which everyone should go out and buy right away) to find some tracks to include. Christmas this Year is the very first track. When I first heard it, I was concerned that it might be a little too slow for running. However, I’m so glad that I ignored that initial feeling and put this song on my list. It started me off in such a great mood last night that I can’t wait to run again and hear it many more times.

Next up was Joy to the World recorded by Avalon. This is the opening track of their album entitled Joy. Avalon is a group that has gone through many changes in personnel over the years. My favorite grouping is represented in this album. This song is nothing but Joy to listen to. As runners, we all need good vibes to run with. Especially, since our bodies are often screaming at us to stop. To listen to songs that give us such great feelings as this one can help combat that voice that tells you “Enough is enough.” More often than not, that voice comes out way before our we actually need to stop. Take a listen to Avalon‘s Joy to the World. It’s not just a recording of the classic Christmas carol. They’ve made some fun additions to the song and have accompaniment that keeps this song moving…and you as a runner, running along as well.

Another track that takes a slight twist on a classic Christmas carol is Toby Mac’s The First Noel. I’ve always loved this carol. However, most of the time the tempo is entirely too slow to run with. Toby’s version is perfect. The beat is fast enough to keep the energy flowing and I get to hear one of my favorite carol’s while running. You just never know whether a tempo will be right for running until you test it out. Even though I thought this one would work beforehand, I was thrilled with the results.

If you’re not into the traditional Christmas carols, Kelly Clarkson’s Underneath the Christmas Tree might be perfect. The original American Idol champ recently released a Christmas CD entitled Wrapped in Red. (By the way, the CD is only $7.99 through the Amazon link I provided.) Kelly’s CD is an absolute must own Christmas CD. I love, love, love it! Underneath the Tree has all the Christmas goodness and fun a track needs to keep you going on your training runs through the holidays. I can’t wait to see Kelly’s Christmas special tonight on NBC at 10pm EDT/PDT! With it being a 10pm start, I’ll probably not catch it tonight, but my DVR sure will. Another great track on Kelly’s CD was Run, Run, Rudolph.

Normally, I don’t highlight more than 3 songs. However, with the holiday season lasting only a month, I thought I’d up the number of songs highlighted for fun. Also, I’m adding a tab on this blog just for the Christmas songs I’ve highlighted along with a listing of the entire Christmas running playlist in case any of you are looking to add some Christmas to your running/workout playlists this holiday season.

Lastly, I’m really excited about tonight because I’ll get to see a screening of Saving Mr. Banks here at the Walt Disney Studios. So, come back tomorrow for my review of the film along with pics I took this past Monday when they had the Premiere of the film. While I didn’t get to see any celebrities, I did get pics of the red carpet set up and some from the night before leaving.

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