Theme Song for the Week – Unstoppable

One song that has been awesome to run with this year has been the tobyMac song Unstoppable. I LOVE this song so much and lately it’s been a really energizing song for me to run with. As this song came up on my playlist last night, I thought that it should be my anthem for the week. Not only to share with you all here on my blog, but my anthem in general for the week. As you all know, I will be running in the Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon this Sunday. I want to take 10 minutes off of my Disneyland Half Marathon time, and this song reminds me to be Unstoppable.

We know these roads here

They never seem to bode well

It’s our predicament

and we ain’t even sick of it

See why this is a fantastic song to run with? This song has a fast tempo and a frenetic, at times, music combination of sounds. Ever since I heard it for the first time, I knew this would be a great song to run with. It’s part of my tobyMac block of music in the playlist and follows another of his songs entitled Eye on It. Occasionally, two songs just seem to go together thematically. Here’s Eye on It

I love running with song because its constant reminder to be focussed. For me, that’s what this song does…focusses me on the task at hand. In my mind, while I’m running with this track, I feel like I’m putting myself in a more robotic state. A state where the tiredness, out of breathness, and any pain do not exist. I simply must run my intervals exactly as they come and keep pressing on until I reach my destination. Once the song is over, Unstoppable comes on and makes me feel like nothing will keep me from finishing the distances I need to run for the day. See? They kind of go hand in hand…a perfect combination.

Anyways, with a new half marathon race to conquer and a PR to shoot for, these two songs have formed the perfect theme for this week. If you’re looking for any new songs for your playlists, I highly recommend these songs and would encourage you to put them back to back. Also, since I’ve been highlighting music on my playlist for a while, I decided to go back and find all the tunes I’ve previously highlighted and put them into their own separate tab on this blog called “Music from Playlist.” That way, you’ll have an easy way of catching up on the songs I’ve previously highlighted or an easy way to checking out some of the tunes that are playing in my ears as I run in one convenient location…and without the commentary. Please check out the new tab and continue to check back often as I will add to the list as I continue to highlight new songs on this blog.

Do you have any theme songs? If so, what are they? I always love hearing new tunes.

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