It All Started with a Mouse

On this Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d pay homage to start of the Walt Disney Company’s 91st year in business by going back in time and remembering that it all started with a mouse. Since I’m training for Mickey’s race (AKA The Walt Disney World Marathon), it also seemed fitting to highlight the history of Mickey. So, I took to YouTube to see what I could find. Here’s a cool video that talks about Mickey’s beginning days back in 1925.

I also like this video because it contains some rare footage of Walt Disney himself voicing Mickey. The footage is shot in the recording studio without any of the animation he is giving voice to. Fast forward to the 4 minute mark. Walt Disney comes in just after that point. To say that Walt Disney was a different kind of CEO is an understatement. How many CEO’s in entertainment today would do voice-over work for their own company’s animated projects?

And now, the cartoon that started it all…Steamboat Willie.

Because it’s almost Halloween, I thought this one might be fun.  It’s called Lonesome Ghosts from 1937.

I hope you enjoyed this look back in time!

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